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 I am at the tail end of my trip from Frankfurt to Chicago en route from a Mission Trip to Kaduna State Nigeria. I slept and I had a dream that troubled me greatly. I saw that people of faith in a major State in the South Western portion of Nigeria had to flee their homes at a moment notice. They could not take a thing with them because the State was appropriating their property and their very lives were in danger if they did not leave. In that dream, good-hearted women were leading people through secret channels to safety. Those that had cars could not drive them. 

I  do not know how to respond. Please pray for Nigeria. Please encourage the brethren not to be careless about this oncoming election. It may define the future of the nation. Do imagine if these were to come true in South Western Nigeria, what will be happening in the Middle Belt and the Christian North? 

 I do beseech the elders of the Church, seeing I also, I am now in your position as an elder, to put away pettiness and lead the people to repentance and a commitment to do good works. 

 I thank you.

Dr. Oluwasayo Ajiboye
Redeemers Bible College and Seminary 

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