Good morning brethren. God bless you for this trumpet call I want to share some insights that Lord gave me as I sought His face about this prayer effort. This directly concerns the Church in Nigeria and us Christian who are fasting and praying.

The passage is Judges 6,7, and 8.

Gideon - the leader
32,000 - all Christians
22,000 - complacent Christians
9700.    - willing, but ‘unbroken’ Christians
300.       - ‘broken’ Christians.

**God will bring healing to our land through the brokenness of the few.
Judges 8:26


Trumpets. Empty pitchers. Lamps and a Shout.

**God will use very unconventional weapons to get us victory.

THE LEADER 6:25-27

God will break him first. The requirements will be intense, some public. If he doesn’t allow God to do a thorough work of preparing him, he will succumb to unbroken areas of his life. This will ultimately become a snare that will lead God’s people away from Him again.

See Judges 8:24-27

***I feel that, going forward, God wants us to emphasize the message of REPENTANCE, through which He will bring us to a place of brokenness. Then we become the people that He will use to heal our land.

May the Lord find us faithful

Humbly submitted,

Rebekah Ayodele



National Christian Prayers

Mon. 23 Apr. to Sun 13 May, 2018
21 Days Prayer and Fasting
“Come, and let us return unto the LORD …” Hosea 6: 1-2
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