Understanding The Issues

In retrospect, the amalgamation of 1914 produced a country but not a nation. There was an amalgamation of two protectorates but there was no integration and this created serious fault lines that exist till today. The unity of the two protectorates was not part of the British Agenda. Rather, Britain sought to maintain a hold on Nigeria through a policy of divide and rule. In effect, Nigeria remains a country made up of two races pulling in opposite directions.

There is the African race titling towards a Westernized ideology and the Arab race, made up of Fulanis, Hausas, and Kanuris in favor of adopting the Arabian culture. At independence in 1960, the impression was created that “all” Nigerians opted for Liberal Democracy as the national ideology. As the years progressed, it became clear that citizens of the Arab stock were more in favor of a system of rule of which an “important ingredient is the application of the Muslim Law”. While paying lip service to democracy, the political, religious, traditional and military leaders from the North were insidiously working to undermine democracy and promote Sharia, which is based on Islam and is patterned after the Arabian culture, of which the North has been exposed to for hundreds of year.

Operating under the Islamic practice of “Taqiyya”, which permits a Muslim to deceive an “infidel” in order to gain the mastery over him, leaders of the North surreptitiously “smuggled” Nigeria into OIC in 1986 and kept it out of public knowledge for some years until 1996, when Sultan Dasuki confirmed to the Pope that Nigeria is a member of OIC.

The Islamization Agenda was solidified in the period 1975 – 1999 under the military rule, of which majority of the military heads of state were Muslims from the North.

The Muslim Military leaders favored an Islamic model of ideology because it promoted dictatorship.

They set up an “invisible” government which operates behind the scene in the Presidency and constantly undermines liberal democracy while promoting Sharia. The “invisible government” is still active till today. The invasion of the nation by Islamic terrorism and smuggling of Sharia into the Constitution, thereby creating a dual ideology for the nation, are reflections of the activities of the “invisible government”.

Boko Haram, membership of Nigeria in OIC, Islam in Africa Organization, D8, as well as compromise of Section 10 of the Constitution on separation of state and religion, are all interwoven conspiracies to abolish liberal democracy in Nigeria and declare Sharia as the national ideology and the nation as an Islamic state. 


The Christian Social Movement of Nigeria has realized that if the plan of the Islamists should succeed, Democracy would be destroyed. Therefore, it has decided to press for: 

  1. Truth and Reconciliation Commission,
  2. Constituent Assembly to draw up a new Constitution based on one ideology, which is liberal democracy.