National Christians Elders Forum (NCEF) progressively considered and reviewed the state of the country as Nigeria prepares for decisive elections from February 2023. The Christian Elders assessed the state of preparedness of the country as well as the crucial need for Nigerians to vote into office competent, trustworthy, and capable leaders.
Following the deliberations of the Christian Elders, National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF), passed the following resolutions:

On 13th and 18th December 2022, Fulani herdsmen attacked Kaura LGA of Southern Kaduna. In the unprovoked and unwarranted attacks, 40 Christians were murdered, 178 houses were burnt (102 houses in Mallagum alone), 29 motorcycles were destroyed, and 2 cars were burnt.

On Monday 6th February 2023, a sister tearfully narrated the oppression of Christian communities in Gombe State. The Christian-populated communities are currently being assailed by Fulani Muslims who are serially removing the Christian village heads and replacing them with Fulani Muslims. She narrated that a member of her family, who is the head of her village, is being forced to go into exile so that a Fulani Muslim can take over rulership of the Christian village. The account was sad and provocative.

As Nigerians, the commitment in our Independence National Anthem in 1960 was that ‘Though tribes and tongues may differ, in brotherhood we stand’. Nigeria thereby enunciated the principle of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

In response to the recent nationwide flooding of various communities in Nigeria, Lay Faithful Trust Foundation, with the generous support of Nigerian Christians, conducted relief distributions to help victims of the flood at the four cardinal points of the country – North, East, West, and South.


One of our sisters in Australia expressed desire to give some of the IDP widows some gifts. With her support, the following gifts were purchased for the widows:

In collaboration with Cottage of Hope, Rehabilitation and Empowerment Centre, Lay Faithful Trust Foundation supplied Salbutamol Syrup – (Asthma medication for adults and children) for IDP camps in Kaduna State. Salbutamol is used to rapidly treat asthma, bronchospasm, and reversible airways obstruction by widening the airways of the lungs.

Amina was arrested and kept in the custody of the Hisbah Islamic Police early 2022. Her father converted from Christianity to Islam and insisted that his daughter must convert. The young girl refused, and she was arrest by the Hisbah Islamic Police.