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The author of the book Soldiers of Fortune, Max Siollun wrote “Babangida was the first Nigerian ruler to come to power by design rather than by chance. He was, at that time, the only Nigerian ...

Islamic Fundamentalism Islam is the world’s second largest religion and its fastest growing. There are between 1.3 and 1.5 billion Muslims in the world today, roughly a fifth of the world’s ...

LET PEACE REIGN The National Christian Elders Forum  wishes to express grave regret and great sadness at the recurring decimal of violence and destruction that seem to, presently,define the ...

The National Christian Elders Forum at its meeting in Jos, Plateau State, on Monday 29th November, 2015, expressed concern over the state of the Nigerian Church and the nation. The Elders observe ...

Today, the Nigerian nation is embroiled in a myriad of crisis ranging from poverty to insecurity, economic dysfunction, unemployment figures of titanic proportion, broken down public infrastructure ...
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