NCEF Papers

The Christian Social Movement of Nigeria and Islamic Fundamentalism 02 November 2014
Interwoven Conspiracies to Destroy Democracy in Nigeria 29 May 2015
There is Hope for an Industrial Revolution in Nigeria 29 May 2015
National Alert: Threat Against Democracy 28 September 2015
State of the Church and the Nation 12 December 2015
Avoid Shiite Insurgency - NCEF Appeals to Buhari 20 December 2015
The Need to Preserve the Peace and Unity of Nigeria 11 February 2016
Conflict Of Ideologies As The Greatest Obstacle To Peace, Unity And Development In Nigeria 20 March 2016
Islamism 06 April 2016
Intelligence Services and Christians In Nigeria 06 April 2016
Weapons Win Jihads But It Takes Ideas To Win The Peace 29 April 2016
Christians and Islamic Jihad in Nigeria 29 April 2016
Press Conference By Coalition Of Christian Groups In Nigeria 08 June 2016
NIGERIA: A Macabre Dance of Death 13 July 2016
One Nation - Two Political Systems 20 July 2016
Discriminatory Appointments Against Non-Muslims in Nigeria 09 August 2016
Nigeria Constitutionally Is A Secular Not Multi-Religious Country: Factually It Is An Islamic State 02 September 2016
THE FORCED MARRIAGE OF NIGERIA: Lagos, the Original Lady of Means 20 September 2016
NCEF Paper to Christian Leaders: Christian Unity as Panacea to National Integration 14 January 2017
Constitutional Development Options for Sustainable Development in Nigeria 27 January 2017
Part 1: Information Release by Christian Association of Nigeria 10 March 2017
Part 2: Information Release by Christian Association of Nigeria 13 March 2017
Part 3: Information Release by Christian Association of Nigeria 15 March 2017
UNDERSTANDING THE ISSUES: An Urgency For A Non-Islamist Party/Parties In Nigeria 28 March 2017
Christian Participation in Governance 21 April 2017
A Quest For Peaceful Resolution Of Conflict Of Ideology, Democracy And Islamism In Today’s Nigeria 27 June 2017
PRESS RELEASE: Correct Assessment Of Current Situation In Nigeria 12 July 2017
NIGERIA: Once Freed, Forever Free 30 July 2017
Jihad in Nigeria: Burying The Head in Sand 07 September 2017
Need For Politics Of Nationalism 08 September 2017