A few days ago, National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) issued a Press Release announcing the setting up of Lay Faithful Trust Fund for the purpose of supporting Christian advocacy and intervention. We thank the NCEF for the bold and timely step.

The violation of the Federal Character Principle, enshrined in Section 14(3) of the Constitution, by the current Federal Administration, particularly as it relates to Security Units, constitutes double jeopardy for the Christian community in Nigeria.

First, Christians are majorly excluded from the leadership of key security units in the country. This is violation of the Constitution.

Second, Christians are brutally attacked and are fast becoming endangered species in the country that they helped to build. Recently, the Chairman of CAN in Adamawa State was kidnapped and killed by Muslim insurgents while the Chairman of CAN in Nasarawa state was also kidnapped and only released after ransom was paid.

The reality of an extermination agenda against Christianity in Nigeria can no longer be denied, even by the most “politically correct” Nigerian. In 2020, some members of the UK Parliament published two Reports titled:

1. Nigeria: Unfolding Genocide?
2. Your Land or Your Blood

Please consider both titles very well to understand the underlying message. Both Reports confirm that there is deliberate Agenda of genocide against Christians in Nigeria. The intent of the serial and relentless murder of Christians in the Middle Belt can neither be hidden nor denied.

Ending these atrocities is primarily a Christian duty because the issue at stake is “politics of religion”. Therefore, Christians must mobilize crucial resources to defend Christianity and democracy in Nigeria. Islamists, by their pattern of operations, aim for two key institutions in any country: the Military and the Judiciary. They control both in Nigeria. As a bonus, they control the National Assembly.

We are now running a race. We hope that this time, more Christians would cooperate and stop being “politically correct”. We must all join hands to build a central purse. Without funding, there is nothing anyone can do.

The Trust Fund is designed not to weigh any single individual down. All that is required is a monthly individual donation of N500. However, we need lots of Christians to participate. If one million Christians will participate, the Trust Fund will have N500 million monthly. Therefore, leaders of Denominations, Christian Fellowship leaders, Christian Elites, and all categories of Christians should join in the contribution and mobilization. We are in this together. Collaborative contribution in this manner, across all Denominations and Christian Fellowships, will also help to promote unity of Christians. In full appreciation of the existential threat faced by all the Christians, we hope no one would stand aloof.

A Board of Trustees made up of competent and capable technocrats will manage the Trust Fund. The transparency and accountability policy of Christian Social Movement of Nigeria (CSMN) will apply. Join us to make a bold statement that Christianity will survive and flourish in Nigeria. We are taking a stand that is why the slogan of the LAY FAITHFUL TRUST FUND is:


Where do you stand?

Bosun Emmanuel
2nd August, 2020


Christian Social Movement of Nigeria
Zenith Bank
10 14 13 83 50 (Naira)
50 70 76 73 30 (Dollar)