Please permit me to offer a little introduction to another Pre-Judgment Warning from God to Nigerian Christians.

Today, Saturday 8th May 2021, Bro. Joshua Fray called me that God gave him a second warning to the Church. He wrote the warning and sent it to me. I am sharing the information which he sent because it agrees with what God has been telling me to inform Nigerian Christians.

It might be recalled that on New Year’s Eve, 31st December 2020, I circulated a video message on repentance titled “Who is on the Lord’s Side”.
In the covering note on the video, I stated that God demands two things from Nigerian Christians in 2021:
a. Repentance
b. Produce the fruit of repentance

On Wednesday 5th May 2021, (after the letter God told me to write to Church leaders on 12th April 2021) I had an encounter with the Lord in which He made it clear that He is no longer satisfied with the repentance prayers of Nigerian Christians. They only repent with their mouths, but they do not turn away from their transgressions and iniquity. God is emphatic that He wants to see the FRUIT OF REPENTANCE.

That same evening, (5th May 2021) I held a meeting with Officials of two prominent intercessory groups in Nigeria trying to figure out how to reach Church leaders so that the Church can be reorganized to produce EVIDENCE of repentance.

Today, 8th May 2021, Bro. Joshua called me that God gave him another message to the Church. The message is below, and it speaks for itself.

Please let me make this clear, Bro. Joshua and I are not the only persons God is talking to. God is speaking through other people and showing them revelations of His coming judgment. If anyone chooses to ignore the revelations, no one can ignore the reality on the ground.

The second message is below this Prologue.

Your brother in Christ,




Prejudgment Final Warning from the Lord to all Church Founders, General Overseers and Christian Elders in Nigeria

8th May 2021

Received by: Bro. Joshua Fray

Emphasis: This is from the LORD!

This is what the Sovereign LORD says:
“You have just three months of grace, three months of my patience after the issuance of the first letter (11th April 2021) to repent and turn from your evil ways and bring forth the fruit thereof.

“Your repentance must be thorough, the highs and the lows, every Church and everyone that is identified by the name of the LORD across your country for my wrath is upon all your nation or else, I will strike you just once in full might for my wrath is come up to my face” says the LORD."

“In your repentance, you must sanctify yourselves personally and your assemblies!”

“In sanctifying yourselves, you must cut-off all your excesses and trim your lamps and turn to me with all your heart and concentrate only on my return.”

“In sanctifying your assemblies, you must reduce the numerical size of your congregation by casting out the sinners and the profane persons among you. You must remove all your pastors who do not have my seal for service because they were not my choice but yours. You must quickly remove all your erring ministers who are occupying positions they are not fit for, for these constantly grieve my Spirit.”

“Repent, sanctify yourselves and your assemblies that my Spirit may return among you, and I will bless you and heal your land; repent and produce the fruit thereof!”

Emphasis: “… or else, I will strike you just once in full might, for my wrath is come up to my face” says the LORD!

By these words I understand that, true repentance will actually prune back all Christian congregations across the nation. In every true Christian reform, the profane and perverse always fall out living the true believers. There are people amongst us who do not divinely belong with us, who the perversions in the Church allow.

Yours faithfully,

Joshua F. Samuel



“When a man's ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.” Prov. 16: 7

If our enemies are not at peace with us, then something is wrong in our relationship with Jehovah.