Going through the parable in Luke 16, no one would wish to end up as the "rich man", with all his earthly wealth and comfort. But, why did the story end the way it did? The rich was not presented as a thief, adulterer, or murderer. He simply minded his business. Unfortunately, he did not care about a less fortunate person in his environment.

This short material is an encouragement to those doing good in the Church and an alert to those who need to be reminded of what Christ expects of us in this season. We should declare state of emergency in the Church to bring succor to Christian IDPs.

It would appear that many Christians seem not aware of what they ought to be doing in this season. We nourish ourselves in our various Fellowships and Churches but many are not grieved to action for the bruised body of Christ.

Jesus is bleeding. Everyday He is wounded, He is shot, macheted, stabbed, driven out of His house to IDP Camps. The affliction of the persecuted Christians is the affliction of Jesus Christ.
Heb. 13: 13 says, "Let us go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing his reproach."

Many Nigerian Christians refuse to go and meet Jesus at the camp, to cover His reproach and heal His wounds. The "rich man" is still busy nourishing his soul and feeding sumptuously every day. In Bible Studies, celebration worship, Convention, Convocation, Business Seminar, including comedy entertainment in Churches. But, they are not grieved for the affliction of Jesus.

Could one imagine, in a country of over 100 million Christians, we receive donations from few Christians monthly to build a central Christian purse to take care of persecuted Christians. It's usually the same people donating every month.
The usual excuse of the majority is, "we don't know how genuine those raising funds are". Some Christians are waiting for their Pastor to announce before they would do good.
How come when it is time to help Lazarus some people demand multiple assurance?

The rich man in the Bible concentrated on living his life and minding his business. He ignored Lazarus under his nose. Unfortunately, it didn't justify him before God.

If some people continue to pretend as if the plight of IDPs does not concern them, let it concern you.
Those who devote energy to discredit and run down this labor to gather resources for IDPs, they should also continue. Jesus is watching all of us.

Those who are able to help and mobilize others, yet they fold the arms and keep their mouth shut, they should also continue. But, I think it is better that we all change.

Have we considered? With the way things are going, what if we become IDPs tomorrow? Would we want to be treated with this same neglect we have treated others? Or, those who are IDPs today, did they plan for it? Did they ask for it?

Now is the time to go outside the banqueting hall to meet Lazarus at the gate. Bind his sores, take care of his needs, bear his reproach, before the Master arrives.

Please join us to carry this burden of healing. The body of Christ is bleeding in IDP Camps. Endeavour to contribute a token every month. Millions of Christians should be contributing. Join in the mobilization and persuasion. Do not be like the rich man. He became a beggar in eternity, because he did not care about Lazarus.

Show that you care.

Lay Faithful Trust Fund
Account details:
Christian Social Movement of Nigeria
Zenith bank
10 14 13 83 50

N500 monthly (more or less)

God bless you.

Your brother in Christ,