Thursday 9th June, 2022

Following the recently concluded primaries of political parties in preparation for the 2023 general elections, the Leadership Group, of National Consensus Movement (NCM), deliberated on the need for good governance, promotion of rule of law, and crucial need to eliminate the deplorable insecurity plaguing the country. After considerable deliberations, the Leadership Group of NCM resolved as follows:

1. In view of the insurgency and genocide engendered by religious intolerance, no political party should attempt to fly a Muslim – Muslim ticket. Such an attempt will be resisted at the polls by non-Muslim population of the country.

2. Political parties should ensure that no candidate is presented on the platform of any tribe or religion. Every political candidate for the Presidential election should drive a national agenda and stand as nationalists. The country requires healing and reconciliation from the deep cleavage inflicted upon it by the current administration. Any candidate associated with tribal or religious identity will suffer losses at the polls.

3. With the monumental failure of both PDP and APC in government, Nigerians should explore fresh options for leadership. There is no use in flogging a dead horse.

4. In giving support to a credible Presidential candidate, Nigerians should ensure his political party also receives adequate support in the National Assembly so that the preferred candidate can run government without harassment and intimidation.

5. National Consensus Movement reiterates for Nigerians its slogan which is THINK NEW. Nigerians are urged to look in the direction of new leaders, new parties, and new methods of governance. THINK NEW.

6. All Nigerians of voting age are urged to obtain the Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) to participate in electing credible leaders for the country.

7. The Leadership Group called on INEC to ensure that registration facilities are available for all Nigerians.

8. Finally, the Leadership Group encouraged Nigerians to retain faith in God and remain law abiding as another transition process commence. After the storm, the sun will shine.

For and on behalf of National Consensus Movement:

Bro. Bosun Emmanuel
Prof. P. H. Bamaiyi
Rev. David Ize-Iyamu
Dr. Paul Gadzama
Mr. Edwin Ezeh
Mr. Esa Agbodo
Mrs. Marie Orgah
Engr. Abiodun Oni