The widow went to bed praying to God to give her a measure of fertilizer to apply on her farm. She had no money to purchase a bowl of fertilizer. If she wanted a good yield, she must apply fertilizer. She prayed herself to sleep, pleading with God to help. 

In the morning, she was suddenly called to report at the EYN Church premises with the other brethren in the IDP camp. She had no idea why they were summoned. Upon arrival, she was given a bag of fertilizer to share with another person. Her joy knew no bounds. She asked for a bowl of fertilizer, but she got half bag. For her, it was a personal miracle.

When she shared the story with the Lay Faithful team, she was beaming with smiles. Immediately she and the other brethren received the fertilizer, they headed straight for their farms.

Similar to the projects in southern Kaduna in May and June, Lay Faithful Trust Foundation distributed fertilizers to Christian IDPs in Adamawa state in July 2022. The relief project covered four IDP camps in Girei and Yola South LGA. The beneficiary camps are:

1.    Sangere Dutse camp - 83 families
2.    EYN Wuro Jabbe camp – 68 families
3.    EYN Vuno Klang camp – 44 families
4.    Nana Villa camp – 89 families
Total number of households: 284

Additional 10 people arrived at the camp during the distribution and benefitted from the fertilizer distribution.


In addition to the distribution of fertilizers, there was cash relief to 53 widows.

Brother A. E. donated N150,000 to Lay Faithful Trust Foundation and requested that it should be distributed to 30 widows at N5,000 each. Lay Faithful added funds because the widows in the four camps were 53. A total of N265,000 was distributed to the widows.

1.    Sangere Dutse camp – 7 widows
2.    EYN Wuro Jabbe camp – 7 widows
3.    EYN Vuno Klang camp – 14 widows
4.    Nana Villa camp – 25 widows

We thank all the brethren who donated funds to make these relief distributions possible. Thank you very much and may God count it for you as righteousness. May God show you mercy on the day of the Lord.

We also thank Mrs. Mamba and all the brethren in Yola who supported in making the relief distribution successful. God bless you all.

Thank you for supporting the persecuted Christians.
You are touching lives.

Your brother in Christ,


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