1. National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) organized a virtual press conference on Thursday, 11th April 2024, on the theme STATE OF THE NATION: RACIAL DISPLACEMENT INVASION

2. The Forum of Christian Elders alerted Nigerians that the nationwide activities of terrorists are deliberate acts of displacing indigenous ethnic nationalities from their ancestral lands for non-indigenes and foreigners to occupy the lands. The owners of the land end up as internally displaced persons (IDPs) in their own country.

3. The relentless attacks of the terrorists and the inability of the government to check them have placed every indigenous ethnic nationality at the risk of racial extermination.

4. As an immediate step to halt further destruction of lives and properties, NCEF advocated a new Constitution for Nigeria without any further delay, rather than an amended constitution. The Christian Elders aligned with the conference resolution of the Patriots Group in March 2024 that Nigeria requires a new constitution, not an amended constitution. The new constitution would devolve power, which is currently concentrated at the centre, to the federating units and enable them to take charge of their security.

5. Conference pointed out that the role of the National Assembly is to make laws not to produce a constitution for the country. The responsibility of producing the constitution rests on the ethnic nationalities, not on the National Assembly. Participants at the press conference called on the ethnic nationalities to organize and give Nigeria a new constitution.

6. The meeting encouraged NCEF to liaise with the ethnic nationalities and commence the process of giving Nigeria a new constitution in 2024.

7. The meeting noted the comments of the representative of NINAS at the press conference and agreed that the five propositions of the group aimed at resolving the constitutional dispute in Nigeria should receive fresh consideration by the ethnic nationalities.

The paper presented by NCEF at the Press Conference can be accessed at here Press Conference - State of the Nation 2024: Racial Displacement Invasion - Christian Social Movement of Nigeria 

Dated this 16th day of April 2024.

Bosun Emmanuel

Download the Document Presented During the Press Conference.