Prayer Points For The Week: Jun 18 - Jun 24 2023



THANKSGIVING & WORSHIP:  Isa 25:1 “O LORD, Thou art my God; I will exalt Thee, I will praise Thy name; for Thou hast done wonderful things; Thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.”  In faithfulness and truth, God has done and continues to do wonderful things for us, our families, the Church and for our nation.  We trust God for a dream-like turnaround in the polity; to have God’s choice and the people’s mandate restored. God is faithful and NEVER will fail. Let’s still lavishly praise the Lord and declare His glory. We shall yet be victorious, for “The LORD of hosts is with us” and He is faithful and able.

REPENTANCE: Let us truly repent and ask God for mercy and forgiveness for all of your sins, and the sins of your family, the Church and Nigeria, and for the contributions of Christians to the woes that believers and Nigeria are now facing by ignoring prophetic warnings. Pray for God’s grace to turn and live in obedience; that our land may be healed (2 Chron. 7.14)

FOCUS:  Praying with Isaiah 25 for the Church and Nigeria in this 25th week of 2023


Isa 25:4 “For Thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall” The IDPs, the Christians of Southern Kaduna and the N/East and elsewhere have been ravaged and plundered. Yet, even their votes would not be allowed to stand. Thank God that He has been their strength, refuge and shadow. Pray that God would reveal His right arm of strength and consummate the good work

Isa 25:2,4 “For Thou hast made of a city an heap; of a defenced city a ruin: a palace of strangers to be no city; it shall never be built….Thou shalt bring down the noise of strangers, as the heat in a dry place; even the heat with the shadow of a cloud: the branch of the terrible ones shall be brought low” Pray that the Lord would bring down the boasting “strangers” and “terrible ones”, election riggers, occultists, Jihadists etc and rid Nigeria of every palace of strangers, no matter how “defenced” they are.

Isa 25:3 “Therefore shall the strong people glorify Thee, the city of the terrible nations shall fear Thee” O Lord, do that which will bring glory to Your great name that terrible nations within Nigeria like those that seek to dominate all else; and outside Nigeria like the Middle East Jihadists and Asian global expansionists will all fear You and proclaim: “The Lord, He is God”

Isa 25:7 “And He will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations” Decree that every sorcery, witchcraft, enchantment upon judges, against the Church and the populace be voided and nullified. Decree that every satanic power that inspires and strengthens strangers (cultists, occultists, Jihadists etc) in power be bound, chained, nullified and cast out

Isa 25:10-12 “For in this mountain shall the hand of the LORD rest, and Moab shall be trodden down under him, even as straw is trodden down for the dunghill. And he shall spread forth his hands in the midst of them, as he that swimmeth spreadeth forth his hands to swim: and he shall bring down their pride together with the spoils of their hands. And the fortress of the high fort of thy walls shall he bring down, lay low, and bring to the ground, even to the dust” Prophesy this against all enemies of the gospel, enemies of God’s people, and enemies of Nigeria’s peace and progress

Isa 25:6,9 “And in this mountain shall the LORD of hosts make unto all people a feast of fat things, a feast of wines on the lees, of fat things full of marrow, of wines on the lees well refined….He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the rebuke of His people shall He take away from off all the earth: for the LORD hath spoken it.  And it shall be said in that day, Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, and he will save us: this is the LORD; we have waited for him, we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation.” Call on the Lord that, though we merit or deserve nothing, in mercy, He will “wipe away tears from off all faces; and the rebuke of his people” and cause His own in Nigeria to “be glad and rejoice in his salvation”

 Pray other prayers for current national issues as you have observed or are burdened to pray. Pray particularly for the judges handling the national election, they will judge in righteousness, in the fear of God and in true patriotic love for the nation

  • OTHER SPECIAL PRAYERS: Pro_29:2 “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice” (a) Lord have mercy on Leah Sharibu and all others that were abducted and are still in the hands of their captors. Please raise political leaders that will set them free. (b) Defend Your children from Jihad in S/Kaduna, Jos and other Christian territories (c.) Have mercy on IDPs and enable them return to their homes. 


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