Prayer Points For The Week: Jul 17 - Jul 23 2023

Monday 17th – Sunday 23rd July 2023


1. 1 Chro. 29: 10-13 Worship God Almighty, possessor of the heavens and the earth. He is the ruler over the nations. Times and seasons are in His hand, He exalts kings and removes them from the throne. He sits above the circle of the earth and the inhabitants thereof are like grasshoppers in His sight. He can do, He can undo. Powerful men of the earth are like dross in His sight. Greatness, power, glory, majesty, and victory belong to Jehovah.

Worship the Almighty God, the Almighty King over Nigeria.

2. Jeremiah 5: 21 – 29 As the election petition rounds up in the tribunal, desperate politicians are issuing threats. Pray that the Almighty God will visit Nigeria in this season and show men that they are but dust.

3. Ps. 68: 1-3 Let God arise and let His enemies in Nigeria be scattered. Pray that all the enemies of truth, righteousness, and justice in Nigeria shall be scattered.

4. According to Ethnic Nationalities Movement, there are 389 ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. Amongst them is a throne, that was exalted by subterfuge and injustice. This throne is responsible for bloodshed, injustice, and oppression in the country.
Jer. 50: 31 – 32 Pray that this evil throne shall be cast down and visited by the Lord of hosts for all the atrocities it has committed in Nigeria.

5. There is sudden upsurge in bloodshed in Nigeria through insurgency, road accidents, and communal clashes.
Heb. 12: 22 – 24 Plead the blood of Jesus to nullify every satanic manipulation calling for blood in the country.
Pray that the blood of Jesus shall cleanse Nigeria from blood guiltiness.

6. Godly moral values are under threat in Nigeria. Immorality and perversion of heinous dimensions are daily reported in the country.
Rom. 6: 14 – Pray that sin shall not have dominion over Nigerian youths.
Pray for God to cleanse Nigeria from perversion and immorality.
Pray that God will raise for Nigeria leadership that is both just and moral authority.

7. Thank God for the fulfilment of His word and the manifestation of the new Nigeria.


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