Prayer Points For The Week: Aug 21 - Aug 27 2023

Monday 21st – Sunday 27th August 2023


1. In spite of the many challenges facing Nigeria, there is abundant reason for thanksgiving and praise. Ps. 92: 1 – 4.
Thank God for restraining the outbreak of violence and destruction all over the country.

2. John 1: 4 -5: It is no longer a secret that a lot of sorcery, rituals, sacrifices, and other dark practices were, and are still being deployed, to pervert justice in Nigeria.
Pray that the light of God in Christ Jesus shall shine upon Nigeria to confound and destroy every work and power of darkness.

3. Gen. 1: 1 – 3: Pray that the Holy Spirit shall brood over Nigeria and activate the light of God all over the country.
Gen. 1: 4: Pray that God shall separate light from darkness in Nigeria. Pray for the separation of the righteous from the unrighteous in the country.

4. Gen. 2: 7: Pray for the breath of life from God to renew Nigeria. Where there have been death and destruction in Nigeria, let there be life. Pray for the safety and security of Nigerians, pray for the economy, the educational sector, and the government. Pray that every critical sector in the country shall be restored to newness of life.

5. Acts 1: 8: Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the Church, for it to do the works of Christ. Pray for Holy Ghost revival upon the Church.

6. Matt. 12: 29: Take authority over the satanic strongman in Nigeria. Bind the demon and cast him with his forces into outer darkness.
2 Cor. 11: 12 – 15: Pray that God will expose and judge every Church leader that supports unrighteousness, perversion of truth, and the injustice connected with the 2023 elections and their obnoxious product.

7. Lev. 19: 15 As all eyes are upon the judiciary, pray that the fear of the Lord shall rest upon the justices in the Election Petition Tribunals, as well as upon those in the Supreme Court.


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