Prayer Points For The Week: Dec 4 - Dec 10 2023

Monday 4th December – Sunday 10th December, 2023


There is an interesting controversy in the Church concerning the end times. Some Christians believe in pre-tribulation rapture, others in post-tribulation rapture, and a third group that holds on to mid-tribulation rapture. As divergent as views are on the end times, all Christians hold on to 2 Thes. 2:7, that “the mystery of iniquity doth already work”. Some Bible translations refer to it as the “mystery of lawlessness”. On this point, there is no controversy. There is scarcely a country in which the mystery of lawlessness is more manifest than in present-day Nigeria. Lawlessness and iniquity dominate the society. From the sacred altar of the Church to the hallowed chambers of justice and legislature, Nigerians seem to be competing to see who would be the most rebellious and lawless.

Most state institutions established to curb iniquity and lawlessness in the country are themselves worse than the criminals they were set up to apprehend. The judiciary has become an astonishment while the Police and the Army are experts in the abuse of power. No one should mention the politicians, Customs, and Intelligence Services.

The 2023 general elections will undoubtedly win global award for being the most brazen organized crime on planet earth. Most Nigerian politicians could be described as “the man of sin”.

The youths are not left out, and many marriages have become a joke. A survey has placed Nigerian married women in first in adultery globally, at 62%, while Thailand is second at 59%.
All these works of iniquity are thriving in a country with the largest Christian congregations on earth. A country that is considered the second most prayerful nation after Afghanistan! What went wrong?

The Church must accept responsibility for the state of iniquity in the country. It is the Church that God appointed as spiritual Police to curb lawlessness on earth. This is the reason God gave Christians the “armour of God” (Eph.6: 11 – 18). If Christians wore this armour daily, they would have been able to ensure the moral standards of God and arrest the spirit of lawlessness so as to maintain order and decency in Nigeria. Christians must accept responsibility for the moral decay of Nigeria.

This week, we shall go to God and confess the criminal negligence of the Nigeria Church and commence taking authority over the spirit of lawlessness in Nigeria. Every Christian should develop the consciousness that it is our prayer responsibility to take authority over iniquity and lawlessness in Nigeria. We might not be able to interfere physically, but we must intervene in prayers every time we see or hear of an act of lawlessness. It is the responsibility of the Church to curb the mystery of iniquity.


1. Isaiah 26: 17-18
Repent for the negligence of the Church in failing to curb lawlessness and evil in Nigeria. The Nigeria Church has not been able to bring deliverance to the land, even though it is empowered by God to do so. Pray and repent of this negligence.

2. Rom. 2:1-3; Rom. 2:21-24
Repentance for complicity of the Church in acts of iniquity and lawlessness. Many professing Christians are equally guilty of the rebellion against the moral standard of God in Nigeria.

3. Eph. 6: 12
Take authority over the spirits of darkness supervising and promoting iniquity and rebellion in Nigeria (Matt. 16:19).

4. Matt. 12:29
Take authority over the satanic strongman assigned to keep Nigeria under bondage to sin and lawlessness. Dethrone this prince of darkness and his forces and cast them out.

5. Isaiah 7:7; Lam. 3:37
There is an ancient conspiracy that started in the days of Lord Lugard, to place Nigeria under religious bondage. A few days ays ago, the British Foreign Minister announced this bondage in unmistakable terms, listing Nigeria as among 'Muslim countries.' Pray that it shall not stand, nor come to pass.

6. Ps. 94:20
Destroy every foundation of lawlessness and corruption that the British laid for Nigeria, starting with the first election in this country that was rigged by the British colonialists.
Ps. 89: 14 Pray that the four pillars of the throne of God: righteousness, justice, mercy, and truth shall henceforth sustain governance in Nigeria.

7. Ps.24
Proclaim Nigeria is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof. Command every spiritual gate in Nigeria to open for the King of Glory to enter Nigeria.


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Bosun Emmanuel & Prof Kontein Trinya

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