Democratic institutions in Nigeria are undergoing deliberate and intentional attack to weaken and undermine Liberal Democracy in favor of Sharia as a national ideology.

The intention is to make sharia the source of legislation not the Constitution. At independence in 1960, the founding fathers of the Nation collectively agreed that Nigeria shall adopt Liberal Democracy as its national ideology. Liberal because of the Human Rights provisions under the Nigerian Constitution. This was further strengthened with the induction of Fundamental Objectives and Directive principles of State Policy – Chapter II in 1979.

To ensure that democracy is weakened if not dismantled to enable Sharia gain supremacy as the source of legislation, the sponsors of Sharia have been working surreptitiously in the spirit of “Taqiyya”, over the years, through an “invisible” government which exists in Nigeria for the promotion of the supremacy of Sharia. It is clear that the only way a multi-cultural and multi-religious society like Nigeria can survive and flourish is through Liberal Democracy with strong institutions.

Unfortunately, the democratic structure is undermined through Section 40 of the Constitution which vests the power of selecting political candidates on the political parties and not in the people. It was this process that threw up President Jonathan as well as Governor Amaechi of Rivers State. Currently, both President Jonathan and Governor Amaechi are at loggerheads over an incident in which, in other climes would have been laughed at. A deeper understanding of the issues involved reveals that the conflict is being manipulated like a number of other political and Constitutional issues as a further attempt to persuade Nigerians that democracy cannot work in Nigeria and therefore an alternative is required. The alternative of course is Sharia.

Rise in defense of democracy.

Equity, Justice, and Fairness