(Part 1)

The clarion call in Nigeria today is “restructuring”. We wholeheartedly endorse this demand. The current structure of the country has proven, over a considerable period of time that it is incapable of fostering peace, unity, and progress.

However, while arrangements should be underway for the restructuring of Nigeria, there should be an immediate implementation of the Report of the 2014 National Conference. About 500 eminent Nigerians were gathered in Abuja in 2014 to propose constructive changes for Nigeria. The Report of the Conference has been ready but Government has not implemented it. It is crucial that immediate implementation should commence in the best interest of the nation.

Amongst many other useful decisions, the National Conference recommended thus: 

  • Phase out cattle routes and grazing reserves in the long term to lay emphasis on ranching. (This would solve the perennial problem of Fulani herdsmen assaults.)
  • Two tiers of Government – Currently, Nigeria operates a three tier system that includes Federal, State, and Local Governments. With a two-tier system, there would only be Federal and State with each State at liberty to create as many Local Governments as it desires and fund them. This would bring development closer to the grass root.
  • State Police – Nigeria operates a centralized Police Force that has proven inadequate to cope with the myriad of security challenges in the nation. With the introduction of State Police, each State would be able to defend itself and set up community policing to defend vulnerable communities. This would definitely check the murderous rampage of Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram.
  • Nullification of immunity clause – The war against corruption would be more effective if the National Conference decision that the “immunity clause”, which protects high ranking Government officials from prosecution while they hold office is removed. Once the immunity clause has been removed, it would be possible to hold serving Government officials accountable. Corruption would begin to die a natural death.
  • RECOM – The National Conference recommended a Religious Equity Commission that would adjudicate and prosecute cases of discrimination, persecution, or incitement to hatred on the basis of religion. If RECOM is implemented, cases of religious intolerance in the nation would be adequately treated.
  • 30% allocation to Education –Education in Nigeria is suffering due to inadequate funding. With the implementation of the National Conference Report, there would be an improvement in the quality of education offered by the nation.
  • Teaching of indigenous languages in Primary Schools – To ensure that every ethnic nationality in Nigeria survives and maintains its identity, the Conference recommended the teaching of indigenous languages within each ethnic nationality. This would prevent a situation in which larger ethnic groups may inadvertently “swallow” up smaller ones.
  • Many other useful recommendations are contained in the Report of the 2014 National Conference. 

On Sunday 19th March, 2017, every Nigerian Christian assembly, both at home and abroad, should SPEAK OUT against the GENOCIDE that is taking place in Nigeria. The persecution of Christians and willful murder of ethnic nationalities by Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen, and discriminatory security forces on the basis of religious intolerance should be highlighted for the whole world to hear. The ineffectiveness of the Government to put an end to these attacks should also be exposed.

CAN advises that Christians should come out and stand in front of their places of worship and make statements to be covered by the media, particularly TV stations. Nigerian Christians in Diaspora should be able to actively utilize media coverage to draw the attention of the whole world to the genocide taking place in Nigeria.

This program is not meant to affect Sunday Worship Service. It can be done immediately after the worship service directly in front of the place of worship.

Please pass the information to every Church leader. Every Church should participate.

From Thursday 16th March, 2017, please visit www.canng.org and www.csmnigeria.org to download the paper to be presented on that day. CAN has articulated the issues in a presentable format for the ease of Church leaders to read during the program.

Join in the National Christian Day of Prayers and Mourning.

Dr. Musa Asake,
General Secretary,
Christian Association of Nigeria,

Please visit www.canng.org on Thursday 16th of March, 2017 for sample of address to deliver on Sunday, 19th of March, 2017 during the program.

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