Nigeria is at a desperate crossroads and all right and honest efforts must be exerted not only to chart a redeeming and life-saving course for her, but also, all well-meaning and patriotic persons must, irrespective of any primordial or other artificial bias, division or concern rise up to steer this ship away from the path of certain destruction and collapse.

The kind of acute and accurate leadership which is at the heart of any progressive or transformational agenda has been completely non-existent in Nigeria. And therefore, the story of our dear nation has been one of permanent and consistent retrogression in almost all the areas that matter most to our tried and tired people who are indeed magnanimous, forgiving and longsuffering.

The need to save Nigeria and put her back on the path of recovery, rehabilitation and regeneration has assumed a very grave and grievous dimension that the life of the nation as a collective is at a very dangerous peril.

It is therefore in the light of this serious challenge that all those who still mean well for Nigeria must jettison and abandon the popular and customary apathy and self-righteous indifference to quickly carry out the needed rescue operation to save the nation from completely going off the brink down towards the abyss, and into an explosive and destructive breakdown and ruination.

The passion to save Nigeria and put the nation back on the long abandoned road to recovery and greatness is the historical, challenging and patriotic inspiration and intention of the thinkers and actors who are envisioning a new nation through the convocation of a new God-fearing and responsible platform, to provide serious minded and accountable leadership for Nigeria.