We watched on ARISE, the international media television network, the response of a security expert to the statement above by Chief Obasanjo. The programme was aired in the evening of Tuesday May 21, 2019 in which a so-called Security Expert averred that Obasanjo’s allegation was at best a figment of Chief Obasanjo imagination especially as his claim of Fulanisation was not substantiated.

However, NCEF seeks to, not only to support Obasanjo’s allegation but to state that we have on our own severally published papers directing attention to the Fulanisation of Nigeria and how the process has been executed over a period of several years. We have also had to draw the attention of the elder stateman Chief Obasanjo to the fact it is Stealth Jihadists who sponsor the deliberate infusions of Sharia principles into our Constitution. Our latest paper, titled TESTIMONY OF HOPE IN DEMOCRACY dwells extensively on this practice and outlines how this is being done. This paper provides the facts that substantiate the statement of Chief Obasanjo.

It is in the light of the above that we support Chief Obasanjo on this revelation.
The paper can be accessed at:

National Christian Elders Forum  (NCEF)
23rd May, 2019