The questions below were raised by Christian Elders to the National Executive Committee (NEC) of CAN on 28th May, 2018. To date, no one has ventured an answer. As preparations are underway to elect the next President of CAN on 18thJune, 2019, Nigerian Christians should be aware of these questions and Church leaders should take these into consideration as they gather to elect the next President for CAN.

All the questions are based on facts and are in no way an attempt to tarnish the image of anyone. This is simply the report of how a man chose to handle a highly respected and highly esteemed spiritual Office.

1. When the President of CAN, (Rev. Ayokunle) in display of stealth Jihad, unceremoniously cancelled a meeting of NCEF and Christian Leaders that was meant to enable Christians prepare for 2019 Elections, after he had previously given approval for the meeting but he turned around to deny giving such approval, but rather chose to state that the Executive of CAN agreed with him to cancel the program, which is complete falsehood, should such an individual continue in Office as the President of CAN?

2. When the President of CAN went further to send an email on 7th May, 2018 insisting that the meeting should not be held and the National Christian Center should not be made available for the meeting on the ground that NEC did not approve the meeting, which is another falsehood, since NEC did not meet to pass such resolution, should such blatant lie be rewarded with continued stay in office as the President of CAN? Besides, what constitutional right does the President of CAN have to lock the National Christian Center from being used by Christians for Christian purpose?

3. When the President of CAN received a copy of the Strategy Document of CAN on 2nd August, 2016 and since then made no visible attempt to implement it, neither did he present an alternative Strategy Paper for implementation to strengthen Christianity and protect Christians, should such negligent official be permitted to continue to hold office?

4. When the President of CAN led a delegation to visit President Muhammadu Buhari on 10th November, 2017 and received N25m from the Presidency, and shared it with those who attended the meeting with him, but turned around to publicly deny that money was given to CAN delegation, should such falsehood be rewarded with continued stay in office as President of CAN?

5. Should CAN continued to have as its President, an individual who supervised the defrauding of the Association through purchase of four second-hand vehicles at Cotonou at a glaringly inflated cost of N45 million? One of the vehicles, a Toyota Highlander SUV was purchased at N11 million while the market price was N5m in Abuja. To date, N6m is unaccounted for on one vehicle alone.

6. In an attempt to cover the fraud, Dr. Ayokunle violated the Constitution of CAN (Article 19) and appointed an Auditor which is outside his portfolio. The appointment of Auditor for CAN is exclusive preserve of NEC. Dr. Ayokunle proceeded to pay the Auditor N350,000 from fund of CAN for an audit report that did not reflect the N45 million spent in Cotonou yet the account was balanced! Where did N45 million disappear into? Should such criminal mindset be rewarded with the position of the President of CAN?

7. When the SSS/DSS arrested Laity Trustees of the CAN Trust Fund and it was agreed that a protest letter shall be written and  Dr. Ayokunle as the President of CAN should sign the letter, why did Dr. Ayokunle unceremoniously reneged by refusing to sign the letter? In addition, who authorized the editing of the letter such that significant portions of the document was removed leaving a watery and diluted “protest letter” which was signed by the Legal Director for CAN? Should such treachery be rewarded with the position of the President of CAN?

8. Who approved the N5 million Dr. Ayokunle paid to Rev. Jeremiah Gado (former President of ECWA) for out of court settlement? Whose money was used to pay a man who sued CAN to court on unjustifiable grounds? Did NEC pass any resolution that N5 million should be paid to a man who threw CAN into unwarranted embarrassment? Should this be the President of CAN?

9. Should a man who set up a parallel Secretariat of CAN and appointed his Senior Special Adviser, Rev. Testimony Onifade, as alternative General Secretary of CAN, to the humiliation of late Rev. Dr. Musa Asake, by undermining his authority, continue to supervise the running of CAN?

10. In an attempt to cover up the fraud at Cotonou and present a false impression of integrity, the trio of Dr. Ayokunle, Bishop Anyiador (CAN National Treasurer), and Rev. Testimony Onifade (who is not an official of CAN), attempted implicating the Asst. Gen. Secretary of CAN, Barrister Daramola in N500,000 kickback. Dr. Ayokunle insisted publicly in NEC that Barrister Daramola should be penalized for receiving kickback which was actually arranged by Rev. Testimony Onifade, but he kept quiet about the millions which had fraudulently accrued to himself and his two cronies, Bishop Anyiador and Rev. Onifade. Should such hypocrisy be rewarded with the office of the President of CAN?

11. Why didn’t NEC act on the report of the Committee of Hon. Justice James Ogebe? Would NEC claim that the Report of a Committee headed by a Supreme Court Justice (Rtd.) does not merit its attention?

12. What is the response of NEC to the tribal shift in appointments under Dr. Ayokunle?

It is public knowledge that a Committee set up by NEC, with Dr. Ayokunle as the Chairman of NEC, presented a one-sided Report that it has investigated and all the allegations are not true. This is insulting the collective sensibility of all Nigerian Christians. It would be appropriate to say, “A Committee was set up to sweep all these issues under the carpet.” Yes, that would be correct. The Committee was a cover up.

The truth is placed in the open for Nigerian Christians. The choice is yours. Do not forget, a compromised and corrupt Christian leadership, will bring nothing but ruin and destruction to Christians.

Choose wisely and talk to your Church leaders.
Christian Social Movement of Nigeria