Part 1

Christian Social Movement of Nigeria (CSMN) is inviting Christians to participate in establishing the government of the kingdom of God in Nigeria. This is government based on righteousness and justice.

The vision of CSMN is taken from Isaiah 9: 6. Christ is the Head while the Church is His body. Since Government is decreed by God to rest on His shoulder, it means the “body of Christ” is entrusted with provision of Godly Governance on earth. It is time for the Church to redefine its theology of Christian engagement in politics.

What is Government?
It simply means being in charge. It means setting things in proper order. The key word, to my mind, is “order”. For the earth to be in proper order, it has to conform to the moral standards of God. This is the social responsibility of the Church. We are not simply to win souls, we are to introduce and maintain kingdom of God Government in preparation for its fullness when the Lord shall return. That is why Luke 19: 13 commands, “Occupy till I come.”
This means, “take charge till I return.”
It is a divine mandate.

Permit me to share with you a story I came across many years ago. An Afro American was invited to an interview for a job in the era of segregation in USA. When he arrived at the office of the Caucasians, he was taken to a room to wait before the interview. The room he was ushered into was filthy, in total disorder and not fit for any decent person to sit in. Rather than grumble or stay outside, he immediately set to work cleaning the room and re-arranging it. In other words, he took charge and set his environment in order. When he was satisfied that the room was neat, he then sat down.

After some time, the Caucasian-Americans returned and looked around the room. The next thing they did was to stretch their hands in congratulations towards the Afro American and said, “congratulations, you’ve got the job”.

“But, how about the interview?”

“You passed the interview. Congratulations.”

The interview was simply to find out, if left in a state of confusion, can you be depended upon to take charge and restore order?

Nigerian Christians, we are responsible for Nigeria. If things have gone wrong, it is because we are not taking charge. God placed us in charge and gave us everything that we need to exercise dominion. Consider this; we are the largest group in the population of Nigeria. There are six geo-political zones in Nigeria - Christians control four. We are the most educated, the most civilized, the largest group of professionals, skilled workers and the most enlightened. Even the wealth of the country, oil, gas, and ports, are in the Christian controlled areas.

The purpose of God is that Christians should bring a kingdom mindset into the public domain and establish for the country God’s moral standard of truth, righteousness, justice, and integrity.
Unfortunately, Jude 4 caught up with us because we did not comply with Jude 3.

To be continued in Part 2.
Your brother,