In line with the transparency and accountability policy of CSMN, please use the link above to access the list of donors and expenses under the "Cry of Martyrs" project for the period under review.

We thank all the brethren who donated generously for relief to the Christian IDPs. God bless you.
Since we are unable to reach most of you personally, kindly accept this publication as acknowledgment and appreciation of your gift to our persecuted brethren. May God count it for you as righteousness.


In addition to cash donations, we also received 1,800 mattresses as donation. We are grateful. God bless the donors.
The mattresses are particularly helpful to the IDPs most of whom sleep on bare ground. The mattresses would bring relief to some of the IDPs, particularly nursing mothers who sleep on bare ground with their babies according to credible reports from our survey.
However, considering the number of IDPs, we need more mattresses in  thousands. A camp in Benue State has 36,000 Christian IDPs while there are 22 IDP camps in Benue State alone.

The mattresses were distributed as follows:

Benue: 1,000
Taraba: 500
Southern Kaduna: 300

Cash disbursement for food items:

Benue: 600,000
Taraba: 400,000
Southern Kaduna: 200,000
Sons of Martyrs: 100,000

The funding for Southern Kaduna was reduced for food to save money for litigation.

Abducted Christian Girls

CSMN has constituted it's Legal Department and intends embarking on litigation on behalf of abducted Christian girls. We do not accept that Christian girls should be treated as spoils of war.
Once situation returns to normal, we shall commence.

REMEMBER THEM ... Heb. 13: 3
We should bear in mind that the Christian IDPs did nothing wrong to warrant their current distress. If it happened to them, it can happen to any Christian. Therefore, as we would that men should help us in distress, so we should arise and help them. This is the Golden Rule.

All Christians should contribute. No amount is too small or too big. Let us give according to our ability. Our success in defending the persecuted Christians will to a large extent determine the security and safety of other Christians in Nigeria.

Donate to support persecuted Christians in Nigeria.

Christian Social Movement of Nigeria
Zenith bank
10 14 13 83 50

Thank you and God bless you.

Your brother,

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