Christian Social Movement of Nigeria (CSMN) held a Christian political mobilization meeting on Saturday, 23rd May, 2020, under its Directorate of Politics and Governance. The meeting, which was held online, commenced the task of mobilization and harmonization of Christians for effective participation in Government.

While Christians constitute the largest group in Nigeria and is the most enlightened and educated segment, lack of harmonization has often turned them into minority during elections. The missing key in Christian effectiveness in political power play is lack of harmonization. If Christians do not become effective participants in exercise of political power, the instrument of the State shall continually be used to afflict and decimate them.
CSMN, as the socio-political arm of the Church is therefore calling on Christians to come forth and engage politics.

There is a divine backing to this call. Isaiah 9: 6 says, “Government shall be upon His shoulders”. It is the responsibility of the body of Christ to provide leadership for the country. The reason Nigeria is upside down is because Christians abdicated this divine responsibility. The Lord commanded, “Occupy till I come.” This implies, take charge, be in control and, put things in order. Let us see the country as business entity and the body of Christ is appointed by God as CEO.

As a reminder, CSMN was established in 2001 as the “socio-political” arm of the Church by the five Church Groups that make up the Nigerian Church. The same five Church Groups established CAN. It is the responsibility of CSMN to provide political coordination for Nigerian Christians.

CSMN is aware that there are some Christian groups also involved in political mobilization and awareness. We appreciate such groups and we encourage them to continue. The work is vast and as many Christians as are interested to engage this onerous task are welcome. At the right time, we should converge and develop a uniform Christian political agenda. What we are developing is a Christian political platform, NOT a political party. Christians are at liberty to join any political party of their choice but, the Christian agenda must be pursued. The Christian agenda is not hidden. It is Democracy as the sole National Ideology, integrity in governance, Justice, Equality and Fairness for the Common Good of all citizens.

We should start work early so that we can prevent what occurred in 2019 Elections. Christians fielded over 40 Presidential candidates. Consequently, the Christian vote and resources were divided into over 40 pieces. Even though NCEF still tried to make the best of the situation by getting a consensus meeting to endorse one of them, the truth of the matter is that looking back, 40 Christians should not have contested the same seat. Some of those candidates, undoubtedly capable and intelligent, should have contested the position of Governors, Senators, and House of Rep. This is why harmonization is indispensable.

Second, we should commence building a purse. Politics in Nigeria is expensive. The good candidates oftentimes do not have the kind of funding required to make impact at the polls. Therefore, Christians have to develop a plan of crowd funding Christian political candidates. CSMN already has a financial policy that makes generous provision for political funding. However, Christians should be mobilized to understand and support. For as low as N100 a month from each Christian, we call solve the social and political problems of Nigeria.

However, we have to start NOW!

For more information and participation, please join CSMN on TELEGRAM by clicking this link: 

Those who choose not to participate in installing a righteous Government should not complain about how the country is governed. The citizens are the Government.

“The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ, and he shall reign for ever and ever.” Rev. 11: 15

God bless you.

Your brother,

25th May, 2020

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