The unending cruelty and wanton destruction of lives and property of Southern Kaduna communities continued last night as armed Fulani militia lay siege to Gonan Rogo village, Kajuru Local Government  Area (LGA) killing 17 persons, critically injured 6 and rustled cows.

SOKAPU visited the village today around 12 noon  and saw firsthand the horror inflicted on the poor Adara village, 64 km away from Kaduna metropolis on in the Kaduna - Kachia road.

The armed Fulani militia stroke around 11:30pm. They broke into the home of Jonathan Yakubu, 40 and slaughtered him. They also killed his wife, Sheba Yakubu 32, and hacked to death their only three children, Patience 13, Revelation 6 and Rejoice 4, thus wiping out the entire Yakubu household.

We met relations of the Yakubu’s who were sobbing beyond consolation in front of the humble Yakubu had built. 

From this compound trails of blood led to another gory scene of where Kauna Magaji was killed along with her daughter, Faith Magaji who died of grisly cutlasses cut to their heads.

Still not done, the killers  went to another compound where they met Saraunia Lucky, 25, newly married and had given birth to  her baby 3 months ago. With the baby cuddled in her arms in fear, she was shot dead and the bullet passed through the soft skull of the baby. But by some strange streak of luck the baby survived and  was rushed to  a nearby hospital where a bullet was removed from its head. When we visited the village the baby was nursed by its auntie who also looked helpless. She told us that since the previous night the baby had not had any milk but was only taking water. She said that where she could buy infant milk was under lockdown. Again, rescue came as clergy from Albarka Baptist Church, Gwari avenue, Kaduna who came on condolence visit, took the baby and auntie to Kaduna for better attention and care.

But 6 year old John Paul was not lucky as he was hacked to death.

Also killed were Asanalo Magaji 32, and Yayo Magaji 13.

Paul Bawa, 27 and Rahila, 25, his wife were butchered in their homes.

In another compound, Mailafia Dalhatu, 60 was killed as he tried escaping. His younger brother, Yaro Dalhatu  56, was killed in another compound, with his wife, Saratu 45. Their granddaughter, Blessing Yari 14, was also killed.

Another boy, called Popular Teacher, just 17 was gunned down and killed.

In total, no fewer than 17 persons were murdered in cold blood for no apparent reason by persons who the villagers indentified as Fulani. 6 people are now receiving treatments in various hospitals. A total of 7 cows were rustled. The compound of Liberty Yari was razed but was lucky to escape with his household.

Their Fulani neighbors, some who have been living around the community for 40 years had all quietly left in the night before the attack.

We left the village while a grave was being dug for the mass burial of the victims.

There were no single security personnel in the village.

It is therefore clear that while Kaduna State Government is enforcing the lockdown against COVID-19 with all its might, it has little or no interest in securing our law-abiding, defenseless communities against these unrelenting massacre and ethnic cleansing.

We call on all men and women of conscience, groups, organizations and the international community to assist us in persuading the government of Kaduna state and the Federal Government of Nigeria to save us from the swords and bullets of these outlaws.

Sign: Luka Binniyat
National Public Relations Officer