In view of the relentless attempts by some people in the Church to distort narrative about the relationship between CAN and NCEF, it is necessary to clarify as follows:

  1. It is not right for anyone to create an impression that NCEF is at loggerheads with CAN. This is not correct. NCEF “is not fighting” CAN. The Association belongs to us all.
    NCEF is opposed to the mismanagement and compromise of CAN by some people to satisfy their personal selfish interests. There is deliberate attempt to hoodwink Christians to think it is clash with CAN. So long as Christians think in this manner, they would not address the salient issues at stake. Christians should understand the issues and address the issues based on the facts of the case.
  2. It is also incorrect for any Christian to claim that NCEF has no right to make the issues in CAN public. The scriptural command is that evil in the Church should be exposed, particularly when the issue has been raised privately and there is no willingness from the erring brethren to repent and change. Please refer to Eph. 5: 11; 1 Tim. 5: 20; Titus 3: 10-11; 1 Cor. 5: 11-13; Matt. 18: 15 -17; etc.
    Rather than repent, the Church leaders set up a fraudulent investigative/reconciliation Committee that turned the truth upside down. It justified the wicked and condemned the righteous. Isaiah 5: 20 That is the Report they carry about that they have been cleared.
    God commands that evil in the Church should be exposed. NCEF did the right thing. It is the unrepentant sinners in the Church who complain when evil is exposed.
    In addition, Christians can no longer complain of ignorance about what is going on in CAN while the Church is facing existential threat.
  3. Nigerian Christians are required to clarify whether it is proper for election to be manipulated in CAN. The purported “re-election” of the incumbent violates four Articles in the Constitution of CAN. These are:

    Article 14a

    Article 14b (iii)

    Article 19

    Article 22

    Also to be investigated are allegations of multiple vote-buying to the tune of N500,000 each. Where did such money come from?Should the Church conduct election like corrupt and irresponsible Nigerian political parties? Those who rig election cannot claim to be ordained by God.
    Please address this issue.
  4. Christians should consider if it is proper for the interest of the Church to be used to play politics. On 2nd August, 2016, NCEF handed over to the incumbent CAN President the CAN Strategy Document for implementation. This document was prepared under the last Administration in CAN and it was approved by NEC.
    Why was the document not implemented?
    The previous Administration also established the CAN Trust Fund to provide critical funding for the Church in view of the foreseen attacks of the Islamists.
    Why was the CAN Trust Fund frustrated?
    Now the enemies are threatening and the Church is in distress. Unfortunately, the Church is pauperized, it has no funds; the Church has no plan to implement. (Can any man of good conscience blame NCEF for raising alarm?)
    Is it right for the collective interest of Nigerian Christians to be used to play politics so that some people can use Aso Villa as ATM Machine?
    Who sent CAN Officials to rush and congratulate Buhari after the questionable 2019 elections? Whose interest were they representing?
    Please address these issues.
  5. Should the Officials of CAN deliberately frustrate a Christian political consensus project aimed at mobilizing Christians to use their numerical advantage to elect a Christian President during the 2019 election? NCEF wrote a Report on this titled FACTORS HINDERING CHRISTIAN POLITICAL CONSENSUS FOR 2019 ELECTIONS. (Available at )
    Due to the treachery of CAN Officials, the Government under which 25,794 people were killed by insurgents (according to PUNCH report) was re-elected.
    Should not Christian Elders protest and disagree with such act of Judas in the Church?
    Please address this issue.
  6. When the Constitutional infractions listed above are examined, other issues of fraud, criminal conversion of funds, violation of CAN Constitution, lies, and forgery in CAN shall be exposed.
    Should a group of Christian Elders see all these in the Church and keep quiet?
    Please address this issue also.
  7. Nigerian Christians have two options: 
    Either handle unrighteousness like Joshua did to Achan and Israel was able to enter the Promised Land or, continue to pamper and indulge defilement in the sanctuary like Israel did with Hophni and Phinehas, the sons of Eli, and suffer defeat. Carrying the Ark into the battle ground did not help Israel after the Tabernacle was defiled and polluted. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
    Nigerian Christians, the choice is yours.
  8. Nigerian Christians should remember that on 14th September, 2013 God said: “If care is not taken, in 30 – 40 years Nigeria will be like Turkey.”
    The process has started. The enemies are outside, defilement and corruption is within.  In just seven years after God spoke, it is clear Nigeria is on the road to Turkey. Shouting “God forbid” is not the solution. The solution is to return to truth and righteousness and enforce Godly judgment in the Church.
    According to 1 Cor. 5: 11 – 13, Christians must judge evil inside the Church so that God can judge the evil outside the Church. So long as Christians continue to indulge and tolerate corruption inside the Church, God will not do anything about the evil outside the Church. Check your Bible.
  9. Rather than repent, the affected Church leaders raised a band of “attack dogs” and spin doctors to attack whoever speaks the truth. Consequently, many Christians have been intimidated into silence in the face of evil in the Church.
  10. We have prayed repentance prayers. It is time for Nigerian Christians to produce fruit meet for repentance.
    NCEF is not fighting CAN. NCEF is fighting for truth and righteousness in CAN. May our Christian Association be delivered from the grip of corrupt and evil men who hold the truth in hypocrisy.



28th February, 2020