NCEF Responds with Petition to Inspector General of Police; Ardo Bulama must be arrested and prosecuted for treasonable felony.

A disturbing voice note was circulated in the Social Media sometime in August 2020 of a certain Fulani man named Ardo Bulama. Speaking with hate and fury in Hausa, Ardo Bulama repeatedly swore that all the indigenous ethnic nationalities in southern Kaduna and all the Christians in Nigeria shall be killed. He threatened that “Any law enforcement agent that enters this our fight between Fulani and Christians I swear he is not part of our fight but if he enters we will finish him.”

He derisively cursed and insulted non-Fulanis in Nigeria boasting that they have people ready in “North, South, East, West, up, down, everyone is ready.” Ardo Bulama claimed that Fulani own all the land and none of the other ethnic nationalities will farm because “we will sit in your farms and anyone who comes out we will kill him.”

He rounded up his hate filled tirade with the claim that “your farms and houses belongs to us  … Just call yourselves corpses anywhere you go even if it is in Jos, we will follow you and kill you.”

In the nine page petition, NCEF made the following recommendations to the Inspector General of Police:

  • That Ardo Bulama should be arrested, investigated, and prosecuted for incitement to violence, hate speech and treasonable felony in that he is canvassing genocide against Christians and other Nigerians in Kaduna State that could consume Nigeria;
  • That until the Constitution is amended through legal processes, the Nigeria Police will protect the lives and properties of all Nigerians notwithstanding what the Quran enjoins all Muslims to do;
  • Through the I.G, we say that the C-in-C knows as a fact that Taqiyya (lying) is permitted in Islam especially concerning non-Muslims, as it can be said that Christians in Nigeria pose no threat to the lives of Muslim, Taqiyya should be suspended for the sake of peace, unity and good government;  
  • The I.G is encouraged to reduce personnel for institutionalized powers for better policing of Nigeria such as declining interference in the day to day Police activities in the States as to whom to protect and not to protect. After all Nigeria is a Federation of 36 States and one Federal Capital Territory that are semi-autonomous.

Below is the transcript of the message of Ardo Bulama, translated into English:

Both the infidels in Kasuwan Magani, infidels in Laduga, infidels in Kachiya, infidels in Gwanin Gora, infidels in Kafanchan and all the infidels in southern Nigeria. The infidels in southern Kaduna state we are informing you with a loud voice we that are Fulanis, you think you will try us? I swear, I swear, I swear, we are telling you with a loud voice that we are going to follow you right into your houses, and kill you. If you touch our people we will not forgive you we are telling you the government of Kaduna state. Especially you El-Rufai, be patient and leave us with them. They are the ones that said we are more powerful than them. We are Fulanis and we know the forest, we know the city, we spend time in the city, we know their secret, they don’t know our secret. I swear any Fulani that knows he is prepared should come out, he should come out with his strength and with the strength of Allah we will join hands and fight these infidels, infidels that hate Islam we will kill them and burn their houses and burn their food, we will kill them the way hunters kill wild animals, the way hunters kill, we will follow them even to their rooms and slaughter them and any law enforcement agent that comes there we have no concern with him if he says he will disturb us we will finish with him no matter who he is even if it is Buratai. We Fulani, what has been done to us in Kasuwan Magani and Laduga and across North, South, East, West, we have already laid our ambush. We are there on our feet, no moving back you stupid and useless infidels, even if it is from America you will go and bring your people we are greater than them, even if you plant a nuclear bomb on us it will not explode, even though you throw a bomb at us it will not explode, we with stick we use to rear our cows, we will finish you what we have done to you already is just a tip of the iceberg. If you are hungry take akara and pap we Fulani take milk and what is used to take it. Any Fulani that knows that he is ready we are crying with a loud voice let us come together and keep alive the religion of Islam because infidels are going against us. You are telling lies that God is ours you don’t know God you stupid and useless infidels. During Yakowas time you did what you wanted but because this governor El-Rufai is a Muslim you say he is supporting us just so you will know he is not supporting us since you are the ones that looked for our trouble. I swear, I swear, this is the swearing of Muslims, if God allows and permits, we will turn your houses to be non-habitable even your chickens we will kill them, we will burn your houses, and hinder you from moving around. We already know your farms, we know your farms, we know where you sleep. Americans say your name is sorry. Yes I am Ardo Bulama I have told my entire children, my children, youths Fulani that are well to do we will fight the infidels in southern Kaduna, Laduga is prepared, crossing is also ready. Any law enforcement agent that enters this our fight between Fulani and Christians I swear he is not part of our fight but if he enters we will finish him. We have told you even if it is nuclear you will get from America we are better than you, we with the stick we will finish you even without using guns go and borrow guns and nuclear go and buy any type of ammunition you think you have we will collect them from you and kill you we, we depend on God we don’t depend on any government we depend on God by God’s grace no stupid infidel will disturb us again we have told you I am Ardo Bulama. If you don’t know, I am Ardo Bulama, alias Mareroro, who fears Allah alone not any human, a useless and stupid man, talk less of any infidel that says this land Fulani are not indigenes. We Fulanis are untouchable, we only fear God alone because of that everyone will be dealt with any one that will not be part of this fight will be dealt with as long as you are Christians. Christians that shit while standing and urinate while standing but you want to be wicked to us. I swear from today, from tomorrow, I will not add to it I will pause here. Anyone that hears this should send to his relative, everybody should hear this announcement with a loud voice. We don’t fight with [alongside] the Government, anyone that looks for our trouble, we will not forgive him because God himself said if someone touches you and you see you can be patient, but if you cannot be patient, revenge with the same measure with what has been done to you so for that we will revenge for what was done to us. Our people were slaughtered, a pregnant woman was slaughtered, the baby was cut old people, children, big people, where not left out. Our cows, our animals were killed, I swear, I swear you infidels and any place where stupid infidels are, we will kill him and eat their meat. It’s not that we cannot eat his meat we will ask for the infidel’s meat to be fried and we will eat in order to increase in size and increase fats. Thanks be to Allah you have heard this from our Ardo [leader] what he has said, we were delayed in our job of war and we are used to it and we have inherited it. We Fulani wherever it may be, we are ready for any stupidity there are those that use money to do it for the fact that we are now supported and reinforced with war materials. Someone will go and buy cloth and bring to his house but your infidels here in crossing, Kachiya, infidels in Gora, infidels in Guzumi, infidels in Magama.

All of you will go back to Plateau without fear so be prepared. We are already prepared the training you used to do before and the ammunitions you were given bring it all out and fight the Fulani. If you can we are not ready but we depend on God since you say you are not scared and not ashamed we are equal to the task. You don’t know there was a year you said you were Mbashe(?) in a country so now we use the air and not with anything come out, see us we are in the field we have no fear for you people. You killed our people this is the fourth time so now we will fight with you, we are starting in the name of Allah.Thanks be to Allah I am Ardo Bulama I am back. I swear, I swear you, infidels both male and female child and adult and those not yet born if he is in the womb, we will kill him I am Ardo Bulama. Even if the government interferes in this matter we will only pause for a little time. Even after a thousand years we will meet us and you anyone up to the task I swear he should come to the farm this rainy season except if hunger will kill you, you will have no farms. We will sit in your farms and anyone who comes out we will kill him. Your farms and houses belongs to us whether night or day whether rain or heat we are not afraid we have been observing your movement. You said we don’t have land, the land belongs to God anyone that says the land is his is a liar. Was he given birth to with land in his mother’s womb? We Fulani have shame but we have removed it and kept it aside. You infidels are not trustworthy. Our parents have been telling us but we now know the truth. Our parents were telling us, we held you in truthfulness and confidence and peaceful co-existence, you said it’s not like that. I Ardo Bulama I have children North, South, East, West, up, down, everyone is ready. Not gun, knife, arrow, and all American ammunitions it doesn’t penetrate our body we here its common stick we will use and it works on everybody without using American ammunition. A man who is fit to be called a man doesn’t carry a gun of what effect does it have on a man’s body you will only shoot and be tired we will use stone you will be tired, we will use stone you, will be in the rain not knowing you are in the sun. Kasuwan Magani and crossing and Gwanin Gora all Laduga all the infidels in these areas, we are done with them. Just call yourselves corpses anywhere you go even if it is in Jos, we will follow you and kill you.

Peace be unto you my fellow Fulani. No retreat no surrender.


The full petition with the voice note in Hausa can be downloaded at