In 1954, as a form one student at the Immaculate Conception College (ICC), Benin City, I was a presiding officer at that year’s election to the western Regional Assembly and since then as Police Inspector and Superior Police officer (1959 – 1970) 12 years, one has participated in various elections in pre-independence 1959 and Western elections of 1964.

One also had the advantage as practicing Barrister and later Senior Advocate of Nigeria in 1986 to participate in Election petitions and Tribunals of Inquiry on FEDECO headed by Justice Babalakin JSC as well as being a senior counsel to Olu Falae in 1999 Election Tribunal, one has come to the conclusion after 65 years, that the fundamental problem of Nigeria is ideological. Two systems in one country, one visible (Democracy) the other invisible until now (Sharia).

Over the years, I have come to understand why the Sardauna of Sokoto was vehement about Enahoro’s motion for independence 1953 and 1956, only for his party in coalition with NNDP, Fani-Kayode moved the motion in 1958. The Sardauna’s vehemence can be attributed to the tenets of Islam that preclude non-Muslims under Sharia, to rule Muslims and also why Human Rights provision was included in the Independence Constitution of 1960. The British were afraid of Islamization and as Willink said “the whole structure of the proceedings leading to independence is based on the belief that Nigeria means to follow the road of liberal democracy and parliamentary government; to base parts of the structure on the opposite assumption is to invite governments to do their worst. But if that road is followed, votes will count and in the last resort it is the votes that will win fair treatment for minorities.” [pg. 89] Sharia is supremacist that must dominate and control.

It has also become clear that the colonial officers of the North and South are polarize as Kirk-Greene said “if all Nigerians had withdrawn form the country, there would have been civil war between the two groups of Europeans” which, one believes, was responsible for the stealth jihad which Tafawa Balewa played on Obafemi Awolowo concerning state of emergency as narrated by Dr. Ajayi, SAN when Tafawa Balewa told Awolowo “the federal government had no intention of doing anything of that kind --- only a mad-man would contemplate doing such a thing which would no doubt lead to the ruin of the economy of the entire country” only for a state of emergency to be stage-managed by the intelligence community a few months later. This State of Emergency of 1963, led to instability, rigged elections that dove-tailed to the January 1966 coup and the subsequent July 1966 revenge coup. The implication is that we have ignored the disease (Sharia) and continued treatment of the symptoms including elections. The way forward for subsequent elections is the way forward for Nigeria of the future.

The National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) have maintained that One Nation, Two Systems is the cancer eating up our body politic, in that Democracy and Sharia are incompatible. Until we all agree that Democracy, Federalism are best suited for a country with two races, Negros and Negroids over 389 Ethnic nationalities and not Sharia with supremacist’s tenets such as gender inequality, honor killing, hudud punishment, Islamic supremacy, jihad, lying/taqiyya, slander and blasphemy etc, all instruments of domination and control. Nigeria cannot exist as a nation of the future especially when one race the Negroids sees themselves as Arabs not Africans.


In a letter to former Military leaders who are Christians, NCEF wrote “NCEF believes that Nigeria is due for a Conference of Ethnic Nationalities who are the lawful and legitimate owners of Nigeria and that is why we took the liberty of copying the Ethnic Nationalities representing the four Zones. We suggest that a meeting of these four Zones with the three of you is crucial so that with consensus, you can meet the remaining two Zones that is sponsoring the conflicting ideology in Nigeria. Nigeria cannot be one nation with two conflicting ideologies.

Former President Jonathan and leaders of Christian and Muslim groups representing the two races should be included in the list of prominent Nigerians to work out the modus for discussion. We must not exhaust jaw jaw for jihad – stealth and conventional. These prominent Nigerians should use their best judgment of what is best for Nigeria. As for me and NCEF, we have voted for Democracy and Federalism to unite Nigeria for the future not neo-colonialism. The Negro race of Nigeria deserve gratitude from the Negroid race for financing existence and stability of Nigeria not domination using religion even though they are in the minority. This explains why Nigerian Negroids rejected Democracy and Federalism and now want to import other Negroids in West Africa to outnumber the Negros. God save Nigeria.

Merry Christmas

Solomon Asemota, SAN


December 16, 2019