Relief distribution at:
Otesi IDP Camp, Benue State
Monday 4th October 2021

The Lay Faithful Trust Fund conducted relief distribution of food item to Christian IDPs in Otesi IDP Camp in Benue State. According to the Camp Chairman, there are over 35,000 IDPs in the camp.

We thank Bro. Moses and Bro. Yakubu for faithfully ensuring that the relief got to the persecuted brethren. We also thank all the brethren who faithfully and sacrificially donate every month to succour our persecuted brethren. God bless you all.

The deplorable condition of the brethren displaced from their homes by Islamist insurgents is another clarion call on all Christians to join us in bringing help and relief to them. In addition to donating, we should aim to engage every Church leader and Pastor in Nigeria to participate in mobilization efforts by announcing in the Church that every Christian should contribute minimum N500 monthly to support persecuted Christians. N500 a month will not affect the financial commitment of most Christians to their local assemblies and denominations.

Please find below pictures and unedited videos of the situation in the Otesi IDP Camp.
If we are going to offer meaningful support to our persecuted brethren, we need a minimum of one million Christians to donate N500 monthly. Our goal is to resettle and empower our persecuted brethren.

Once again, the bank details for the monthly contribution are:

Christian Social Movement of Nigeria
Zenith bank
10 14 13 83 50

Monthly Statement of Account of the donations can be accessed at:

Your brother in Christ,

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