Amina was arrested and kept in the custody of the Hisbah Islamic Police early 2022. Her father converted from Christianity to Islam and insisted that his daughter must convert. The young girl refused, and she was arrest by the Hisbah Islamic Police. 

The matter was taken to court by the local Christian community and thankfully, judgement was passed in her favour. The court affirmed her constitutional right to choose her religion. As soon as her freedom was secured, the father disowned her. 

In view of the tense situation, the Christian community decided to relocate the young girl. 19-year-old Amina was getting ready to write the JSS3 examination but had no money to pay school fees as well as examination fees.

Lay Faithful Trust Foundation provided funds for her school fees to relocate her from Kano state. She is now registered in a school in another state to continue her education.

Lay Faithful Trust Foundation also refunded the Christian community the money it borrowed to pay for the legal services. The Christian community had to take a loan to secure legal services for her release. 

Thank you for supporting persecuted Christians.
You are touching lives.

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