In the second week of the 21 days fast (Mon. 30th April – Sun. 6th May is second week), our prayers shall focus on dealing with atmosphere of SORCERY and WITCHCRAFT. In this treatise, I will endeavor to provide some background information that will enable us to pray aright. The detailed prayer points can be accessed at

I would like to refer us to some prophecies and spiritual insights shared concerning Nigeria in the recent past. Before the 2015 elections, the Messenger gave some prophecies about what was going to happen. On 8th April, 2013, I received this word from the Messenger, and I sent it to people on my email list:

“… the people on the other camp have pooled resources together to send a company of 300 Imams to Saudi Arabia to raise divination and enchantment against the people of God concerning the 2015 election. Part of what they will do is to use prognostication to discover a candidate that has the best chance to succeed. They will impose him on the Nigerian space through divination and at the same time project strife and divisions in the camp of God's people.”

On 20th September, 2013 this word came through the Messenger:

Rv.22:7: “You ask concerning 2015. What if I opened your eye to see what is going on in the Chambers of hell. … (A political party) … and the mergers are the plans birthed in the 6th Chamber of hell to produce hell’s choice for the leadership of your nation and I will not allow it. My people have no discernment. Those that should seek Me and find out have lost their sight and vision and so they are seeing as mere men. The chambers of hell have recruited enough men, paid enough price through massive blood sacrifice and self denial to hijack the process if there is an election.”

On 13th March, 2015, I received this from the Messenger, “The sixth Chamber of hell is the Boardroom of hell. This is the place where Lucifer, the three other fallen principalities of his rank (Leviathan, Apollyon and Belial), the eight powers (lower angelic spirits - See Eph.6:12) with other chosen demonic spirits meet with men that are higher initiates in the occult to devise strategies for prolonging Satan’s rule on earth and entrenching the current world system. It is in this chamber that strategies are plotted to decide access to political and economic power at the highest level. The decisions as to who becomes the President of strategic nations are taken at this level. Also decisions as to who heads important world organs like U.N.; World Bank, I.M.F; etc are taken in this Chamber."

So when people started chanting CHANGE in 2015, what was at work? SORCERY!

The same sorcery is already working in preparation for 2019. All the killings going on are “indirect human sacrifices” to pay the price hell requires. To transact business in the spirit realm, the currency is “blood”.

Like the evil doers did in 2015, they are already projecting strife and discord into the midst of God’s people. Let me give you an example. I know of FIVE ministers of the Gospel who are very sure that they “heard” from God that they are the next President of Nigeria in 2019. Please note: they actually “heard” from the spirit realm. But who cloned the voice of God that five ministers of the Gospel are sure God promised ONE SEAT to five people? What does this imply? It is Sorcery; high profile sorcery and advanced enchantment.

What would be the result? The five ministers would galvanize their supporters and the Church would be divided into at least five groups. We must silence these manipulations in the spirit realm.


The Preacher shared spiritual insight about the “spirit of Sudan” in 2011. You can read the full detail at  In the past few days, we see the danger unfolding before our eyes. An example was carried by someone on the Social Media a few days ago as follows:

“The FG without fanfare approved two Sudanese airlines - Badr Airlines and Tarco Airways to operate into Kano. The two airlines shall each be operating two flights weekly from Khartoum, Sudan to Kano. My worry,  I hope it's not true. But Sudan is one of the breeding and training grounds for terrorists, Boko Haram and AlKaida inclusive. What trade relationship do we have with Sudan to attract the huge anticipated traffic to accommodate the business interest of two airlines? What are the terms of the BASA agreement? What is accounting for the huge traffic between Sudan and Nigeria?”

Pray about the spirit of Sudan. We should be concerned not just because Sudan broke into two. Sudan was a Christian nation. ECWA came from Sudan. The original name of ECWA was SIM – Sudan Interior Mission. Today, you cannot enter Sudan with a Bible. We must not permit Satan to do in Nigeria what he did in Sudan. Bind the spirit of Sudan.


God is giving us these information and revelations because we are in the Season of Divine Visitation. God wants us to overcome the enemies of Jesus Christ and establish the kingdom of God on earth. This is the time to bend the knees and lift the voice. Inform every Christian and particularly Church leaders to mobilize all Christians to fast and pray. The prophetic mandate of God for Nigeria is at stake.

In the coming week, we are entering into spiritual warfare. Every manipulation of sorcery, spell, enchantment, prognostication, divination, incantations, blood rituals, and witchcraft must be nullified. The currency in the spirit realm is blood. We have the strongest currency in the universe that hell cannot match. It is the Blood of Jesus Christ. Anytime and any day, the Body of Christ will out-price and out-pace all the forces of darkness and their human agents. We have superior spiritual currency.

When power meets power, the lesser power must bow!

Nigeria is for Jesus Christ.

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Your brother,



God says, Pray and get praying people to pray along these lines:

·         They should cry to Me to frustrate the agenda of the sixth Chamber of hell concerning Nigeria.

·         That heaven should break in on earth and that the man I have prepared for leadership should emerge through My own scheme independent of the schemes of men.

·         Cast down every political candidate that is projected upon Nigeria by sorcery and prognostication. Unmask every devil that is masquerading as statesman.

·         Take authority over Leviathan and Mammon and seek God fervently (with the praying Church) to get a full revelation of all the Gates the Chambers of hell have opened and are opening in different corners of Nigeria to make way for demonic agents to influence the outcome of 2019

·         Pray for agreement between all My children that the arrow of division and disunity being fired against the Church from the sixth Chamber of hell will not affect or influence them.

·         Pray for the evil lead placed over the hidden riches of Nigeria to be broken open and that the resources I have prepared for this season will flow un-hindered into the vessels I have prepared and is preparing for this season and that the vessels will know what to do with it as it enters their hands.

·         Pray My will be done irrespective of the scheming of men. Matt.6:10 is the prayer for your nation now. As you pray it, free My hand (through enlightening My ignorant children) for Me to remove all things (including men and women) that stand in the way.

·         Bind and cast into hell every spirit from Sudan. Break the chain linking Nigeria with Sudan in the spirit realm.

·         Destroy the spiritual highway from Nigeria passing through Sudan to Saudi Arabia.

·         Call forth the Blood of Jesus Christ to speak on behalf of Nigeria and silence the voice of any other blood.