Theme:- Dealing with the atmosphere of Sorcery and Witchcraft over Nigeria

Monday – Dealing with the atmosphere of witchcraft and sorcery in your personal life/family

  1. Isaiah 49:24-26, Colossians 1:14, 19-22. Renounce and reject every dedication to witchcraft and sorcery from the time you were in your mother's womb, naming ceremony, wedding  or and traditional ceremony or ritual you have partaken of.
  2. Psalm 107:2-3. Confess and declare your faith in Christ i.e. That you have been redeemed by the Blood from every atmosphere of witchcraft and sorcery.
  3. Standing on the confession of your faith read Matthew 12:29; 16:19 bind the strongman of witchcraft and sorcery in your family, spouse’s family , your neighborhood, the environment where you work or do business and cast them out of your life and atmosphere.
  4. Matthew 15:13 uproot every altar of witchcraft and sorcery around you and ask it to be consumed by fire.
  5. Defile all the sacrifices that have been offered on such altars.
  6. Psalm 17:13, Job 5:12, Zechariah 9:4-5 ask that all the expectations and influence of witches and sorcerers over your life be cut off.
  7. Psalm 140:11 Silence every voice of witchcraft and sorcery over your life and atmosphere with the Blood of Jesus.
  8. John 8:36 thank God for the freedom
  9. Joel 2:25-26 Ask for restoration of all the years, virtues and Blessing that witchcraft and sorcery have devoured in your life.

Tuesday - Dealing with the atmosphere of witchcraft and sorcery in villages, towns and cities.

Members of Intercessory groups can share the states among themselves so each group prays for one or two states and all the towns/ cities within the state.

  1. Read Psalm 24
  2. Plead the Blood of Jesus over the land , waters , atmosphere and the people.
  3. Matthew 12:29 bind every strongman of witchcraft and sorcery in the village, town, city , state and cast them out.
  4. 2 Corinthians 10:4-5
  • pull down the stronghold and influence of witchcraft and sorcery over the land, waters, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and people of the village, town, state. Silence their voices over the land, waters , atmosphere and the people.
  • Decree that whatever the witches and sorcerers use to hold the people and atmosphere spellbound will fail henceforth.
  • Bind the spirit of fear released into the atmosphere and over the people by witchcraft and sorcery.
  • Isaiah 31:1-3 decree that those who seek help from witches and sorcerers shall be disappointed and ashamed.
  • Decree that the words/ threats of witches and sorcerers shall be of no effect to the extent that they shall become a laughing stock and a parable in the land.
  1. Colossians 1:14-19
  • ask that all creation in that locality be reconciled back to God’s perfect will and purpose through the Blood of Jesus. Command them never to yield their members, strength or glory to witchcraft and sorcery again.
  • Decree that no longer shall they receive sacrifices from witches and sorcerers and command them to vomit whatever they have received thus far. Command them to smite the wicked whenever they come to defile them.
  • Cancel every evil dedication to witchcraft and sorcery through  festivals/ rituals.
  1. Command the gates of the city to open up for the gospel of Jesus, and that the atmosphere becomes one of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.
  • John 1:5 ask the light of the gospel to dispel the darkness of witchcraft and bring liberty to the land and people.
  • Pray that the gospel will be preached in purity and with power and not enticing words of men.
  • Ask for signs and wonders to accompany the preaching of the WORD.

  1. Lock the land, water and air gates of the city against witchcraft and sorcery.


Wednesday - Dealing with the atmosphere of witchcraft and sorcery in the Church

  1. Read Revelations 2:14-23
  2. 2 Corinthians 10:4-5
  •  Pull down every stronghold of witchcraft and sorcery in the church that has come through false doctrines, immorality, manipulation, love of money and vanity.
  • Pull down every strange altar in the Church that promotes witchcraft and sorcery.
  • Ask the Lord to expose the secret behind every altar where His Name is being called. John 8:32.
  • Bind every spirit of deception.
  • Set free all believers that are in captivity and bondage to altars of witchcraft and sorcery.
  • Ask God to release the winds to scatter the sand swept from the entrance of churches and stored by the wicked in order to use it to manipulate believers.
  1. 2 Timothy 1:7 Bind every spirit of fear that has put believers in bondage to witchcraft and sorcery, ask that they will come to know the truth about who they are in Christ and be freed from such fear.
  2. Rev 12:15-16 ask the earth to swallow up the flood of false doctrines and confusion unleashed upon believers through witchcraft and sorcery.
  3. Revelations 12:11 plead the Blood of Jesus  over believers and ask that they receive overcoming faith by the power and covenant of the Blood of the Lamb.
  4. Matthew 16:18
    • pray that believers receive grace to trust and obey God, that they receive ears that can hear what the Spirit of God is saying so that the Church can March on in victory.
    • Command the gates of fear , false doctrine , witchcraft and sorcery to be be uprooted from the church.

 7.    Luke 24:49 Pray that the Church be endued with power from on high - a displacement anointing - to crush, decimate,   exterminate, annihilate, root out and destroy all works of evil in the land, and to build and plant the righteousness of God.

Thursday – Dealing with the atmosphere of witchcraft and sorcery in the Marketplace

Acts 19:21-25 versus 1 Peter 2:9

  1. Jeremiah 10:11  ; 2 Corinthians 10:4-5; Matthew 12:29, Isaiah 44:24-25
  • Judge every strange god to which  vocations, trades, professions and marketplaces have been dedicated.
  • Bind their strongmen and pull down their strongholds.
  • Break down their altars and set them on fire. Declare them waste and desolate (Ezekiel 6:4-6).
  • Sack their evil priests from priesthood, derobe them and dry up their anointing. Declare that, henceforth, their counsel will turn to foolishness, their tokens frustrated and God's sure judgment will fall upon them without mercy.
  • Defile the sacrifices that are offered to them especially sacrifices carried out using money extorted from operators to keep all operators in the market in bondage with the Blood of Jesus and ask their altars to scatter by fire.
  • Cut off their influence from those professions and Marketplaces: Specifically address the influence of Ogboni and Masonic lodge in professional bodies and industries especially in the judiciary/ legal practice, medicine, banking etc.
  • Cancel every evil dedication of markets to witchcraft and defile the sacrifices carried out every Thursday morning in markets in Lagos State.
  • Decree that market operators rise up against witches and sorcerers who hide behind the office of Market leader (Iya/ Baba  oloja) and sack them.
  1. Psalm 24:3-5 – place and injunction against witchcraft and sorcery in every profession and Marketplace and decree that henceforth only those with clean hands and pure hearts will rise in every sphere of influence.
  2. Colossians 1:14-19 reconcile and dedicate every profession and Marketplace to God.

Friday – Dealing with the atmosphere of witchcraft and sorcery in Politics and Governance.

  • Cut off the influence of witchcraft and sorcery from the electorate. They will not be bewitched through propaganda, party tokens such as clothing, money, food etc.
  • Bind the spirit of necromancy and cancel every agreement that politicians have entered into with death and the grave (Isaiah 28:15-19).
  • Call the electorate out from under the influence of satanic symbols of political parties and strange spirits released through symbols and slogans of political parties.
  • Decree failure of every  plan to shed innocent blood for sacrifices to gain / retain power. Any sacrifice offered hitherto shall fail.
  • Isaiah 8:9-19 decree failure of every conspiracy/ alignment/ realignment to perpetuate evil in the land. Their counsel should be turned to foolishness and their troops be in confusion.
  • Cry to God to frustrate the agenda of the sixth Chamber of hell concerning Nigeria.
  • That heaven should break in on earth and that the man God has prepared for leadership should emerge through God’s own scheme independent of the schemes of men.
  • Cast down every political candidate that is projected upon Nigeria by sorcery and prognostication. Unmask every devil that is masquerading as statesman.
  • Take authority over Leviathan and Mammon and seek God fervently to get a full revelation of all the Gates the Chambers of hell have opened and are opening in different corners of Nigeria to make way for demonic agents to influence the outcome of 2015.
  • Pray for agreement amongst all Christians that the arrow of division and disunity being fired against the Church from the sixth Chamber of hell will not affect or influence them.
  • Pray for the evil lead placed over the hidden riches of Nigeria to be broken open and that the resources God has prepared for this season will flow un-hindered into the vessels He has prepared and is preparing for this season and that the vessels will know what to do with it as it enters their hands.
  • Pray God’s will be done irrespective of the scheming of men. Matt.6:10 is the prayer for your nation now. As you pray it, free God’s hand (through enlightening Christians) for God to remove all things (including men and women) that stand in the way.
  • Bind and cast into hell every spirit from Sudan. Break the chain linking Nigeria with Sudan in the spirit realm
  • Destroy the satanic spiritual highway from Nigeria passing through Sudan to Saudi Arabia.
  • Call forth the Blood of Jesus Christ to speak on behalf of Nigeria and silence the voice of any other blood.
  • Pray for God to remove every obstacle until Jesus reigns supreme all over Nigeria.

Saturday – Dealing with the atmosphere of witchcraft and sorcery in Schools and Tertiary Institutions.

Isaiah 49:24-26, Isaiah 8:18

  1. Adapt prayer points of Tuesday but dealing specifically with influence of:-
  • the strongman of cultism ( pirate, axe, eiye etc) in our institutions of learning.
  • music, television,  social media and fashion.
  • sexual immorality/ those who prey on the hardship the students are going through.
  • Lock the gates of these institutions against politicians who recruit and initiate them during elections so as to use them for evil.
  1. Address initiation through television and social media.


Sunday-  Dealing with the atmosphere of witchcraft and sorcery by Foreign governments .


Focus on Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, China and Saudi Arabia.
Adapt prayer points of Tuesday dealing with satanic agreements and alliances with these nations and add the following:-

  • Attack the altars( especially the one in Chatham House, London, the Kaaba in Saudi etc ) and strongholds that have held these evil agreements  in place. Deal with their priesthood, tokens, sacrifices & offerings, and all their paraphernalia of office
  • Deal with every denominational divide in the church in Nigeria that has its roots in agreements (enmity) entered into with these nations.
  • Break every evil agreement and covenant between our fathers and these nations and between  contemporary governments and these nations that have  kept us in bondage. Ask God to nullify the decree of the Chaldeans over us.
  • Ask for deliverance from every form of slavery that is attacking our languages, diets, habits and morals - Isaiah 49:24-26.
  • Ask that all monuments erected in our land to the gods of these nations should be destroyed.
  • Cut off the influence of Masonic lodge and all cults that have their roots in these nations on the 7 mountains of influence in Nigeria. Every agreement, accord or arrangement made in Chatham house expire by fire and let their sacrifices fail.
  • Colossians 2:14 Ask that their  ordinances of witchcraft and sorcery that are enshrined is our Constitution be blotted out by the Blood of Jesus.
  • Lock the land, water and air gates of Nigeria against satanic influences, marabouts and idols of these nations.
  • Command that our sons and daughters held in bondage in these nations , who are using their talents to build these nations should be free to return home.