Good morning brethren. God bless you for this trumpet call I want to share some insights that Lord gave me as I sought His face about this prayer effort. This directly concerns the Church in Nigeria and us Christian who are fasting and praying.

The passage is Judges 6,7, and 8.

Gideon - the leader
32,000 - all Christians
22,000 - complacent Christians
9700.    - willing, but ‘unbroken’ Christians
300.       - ‘broken’ Christians.

**God will bring healing to our land through the brokenness of the few.
Judges 8:26


Trumpets. Empty pitchers. Lamps and a Shout.

**God will use very unconventional weapons to get us victory.

THE LEADER 6:25-27

God will break him first. The requirements will be intense, some public. If he doesn’t allow God to do a thorough work of preparing him, he will succumb to unbroken areas of his life. This will ultimately become a snare that will lead God’s people away from Him again.

See Judges 8:24-27

***I feel that, going forward, God wants us to emphasize the message of REPENTANCE, through which He will bring us to a place of brokenness. Then we become the people that He will use to heal our land.

May the Lord find us faithful

Humbly submitted,

Rebekah Ayodele