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Week of National Prayers & Repentance
Monday 8th – Sunday 14th February 2021

Dearly beloved,


With much respect at the humbling instance again of the revered National Christian Elders Forum of Nigeria, I welcome you to the 2021 call to national prayers and repentance, the fourth in the series since 2018.  This year is unique, opening with the sounds of war again and the cries of a nation in pains to give birth.  The prophetic consensus since 2020 has been of a nation at the point of birthing, which explains much of the recent nationwide protests and travails (Isa 37:3).  In November 2020, a visiting East African minister who went the round of certain cities in Nigeria, had the same message: Nigeria is at the strategic point of delivery, with about a three-year window which, if missed, could mean another spell of decades of darkness before the circle returns again.  May the heavens not lament over Nigeria as Jesus did over Jerusalem because it missed “the time” of its divine visitation (Luke 19:41-44).

In the past years, intercessory groups specifically and other leaders of the Church in Nigeria have willingly borne this burden of prayer.  This year, I take for granted the previous endorsements and participations – as well as the commitment of new burden bearers, for which earlier notifications have not been sent, nor fresh permissions sought from the underlisted and the unlisted. 

In view of COVID-19 protocols this year, daily prayer assemblies shall be online rather than at designated State and city centres or in the assemblies of participating organisations, except by the private arrangement of those organisations.   The nightly 30-minute prayer meetings from 10.00pm shall be as follows:

  • DATE: Monday 8th – Sunday 14th February, 2021.
  • PRAYER TIME: 10.00-10.30pm (Nigeria time) daily
  • VENUE: online, at Zoom:
Meeting ID: 910 7014 4548;
Passcode: 399980

  • THEME: Awake to righteousness (1 Cor. 15: 34)

Everyone would fast daily during the week at individual discretion, break when they would, pray at least an hour before midnight, join the corporate online prayers at 10pm (Nigeria time).  On the seventh day, Communion shall be administered.

Kindly share this information as widely as you can, and may the Lord strengthen your good hands for “such a time as this” (Esther 4:14).  Amen.


Prof Kontein Trinya

The Prayer Desk, Advocates for Freedom and Democracy (AFD),
National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF).






Monday 8th Feb. 2021

Repentance for the rejection of truth; prayers for a willing and obedient heart

John 8: 36; Isa 1:19

Only the truth sets free. The Nigeria Church does not lack people who speak the truth. The problem usually is that Christians reject it. The institutionalization of falsehood in the Church explains the many defeats that Christians have suffered.

This calls for repentance for consistent rejection of truth in the Church – in doctrine, on national issues, in Church administration.  The rejection of truth produces bondage, because only the truth sets free. We request a willing and obedient heart.

Tuesday 9th Feb. 2021

Repentance for the continual neglect of persecuted Christians, prayer for better management of resources

1 Cor. 12: 26; Heb. 13: 3; James 1: 27

Despite many reminders, Nigeria Christians have mostly ignored the critical needs of persecuted Christians. The insensitivity of key Christian leaders to the plight of persecuted Christians calls for repentance.  Heaven has released enormous resources to the Church to care for the persecuted brethren. We request divine transformation, that we become our brother’s keeper.

Wednesday 10th Feb. 2021

Repentance for disunity in the Church, prayer for unity

John 17: 21 “That they all may be one …”

While it carries this Bible verse as its motto, the Nigeria Church is divided along denominational, tribal, and lately, political lines. The will of God is for His Church to remain one. There is need for repentance from disunity in the Body of Christ, and for prayers that God would raise leaders who will unite His Church.

Thursday 11th Feb. 2021

Repentance for the loss of spiritual authority, prayer for revival

Matt. 16: 18

Christ established His Church triumphant over the gates of hell. Unfortunately, Christians are subjected to oppression, terror, marginalization; and the Church is unable to exercise spiritual authority over the forces of darkness ravaging the land. The reason is, the Church has lost moral authority. All kinds of misconduct are tolerated by the Nigeria Church; Christian youths are permissive and sensuous; fraud, greed, immorality, and drug abuse are rampant in the Church. Consequently, the Church cannot stand before its enemies. There is need for repentance in that respect, and prayers for revival.

Friday 12th February 2021

Repentance for the rejection of the counsel of Elders; prayer for a circumcised heart

James 5: 14-14

Sickness brought about by sin is supposed to be atoned for by the prayer of Elders in the Church. God raised a body of Christian Elders to stand in the gap for the Church. Their effort to draw attention to sin in Christian leadership has not been received, and themselves have been reproached. The weakness and defeat of the Church sits largely with the clergy.  Nigeria Christians need to ask forgiveness for rejecting divine counsel. When God sent help, Nigeria Christians rejected it.  Scripturally and culturally, when Elders speak, people listen.  That has not been the experience in Nigeria. May the Nigeria Church not lose divine visitation.

Saturday 13th February 2021

Repentance for unrestrained youthful lusts, immorality, perversion, drugs, and cultism; prayers for God to raise saviors; Davids against our Goliaths

Isa. 54: 13

In negation of the Word of God, Nigeria Christian youths are turning perverse and ungodly. There is need for repentance, and grace to bring up Christian children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Eph. 6: 4.  God has endowed Nigerian Christian youths with wisdom and creativity, but it is being hijacked by hell to promote ungodliness.

The hijack of the youths results from neglecting the doctrine of the cross and the building of Christlike disciples. In the competition to raise crowds in each one’s congregation, church leaders have ignored core teachings of the New Testament.

Sunday 14th February 2021

Repentance for injustice and blood guiltiness; prayer for the healing of the land by the blood of Jesus

Lev. 18: 25; Ezekiel 22: 24 – 31

The level of injustice, bloodshed, oppression, abuse of office that characterizes Nigeria surpasses Biblical proportions.

Boko Haram, Fulani ‘herdsmen,’ kidnappers, ‘bandits,’ the military, SARS, Police brutality, #ENDSARS, NASS, the Presidency, the Judiciary, ritualists, cultists, drug addicts, armed robbers, lesbians, homosexuals, the list seems endless. May the blood of Jesus answer to all these.

Participating groups/leaders in the 2020 and earlier calls

  • Nigeria Prays (Gen. Yakubu Gowon)
  • Intercessors for Nigeria (Barr Emeka Nwankpa)
  • Wailing Women Worldwide (Dr Laide Okafor)
  • The Watchman Ministries (Christian Evangelical Social Movement of Nigeria – CESM) (Pastor Austin Ukachi)
  • Association of Christian Traditional Rulers of Nigeria (AOCTRON) – Bishop Dr. Gbenga Ademuyiwa
  • Omega Fire Ministry (OFM) (Apostle Prof Johnson Suleman)
  • The Preacher (Prof Kontein Trinya)
  • Catholic Charismatic Renewal (Pastor Cosmos Ilechukwu
  • Womb of Intercession International Ministries (Evang. Mrs. Patience Eworo)
  • The Messenger (Barr Isaac Ezeh)
  • Ambassadors of God to the Middle East (Dr Olurotimi Olokodana)
  • The Ambassadors Group Africa (Prince Joshua Oyeniyi)
  • Christian Women Intercessors for all Nations (CWIFAN) (Dr Augusta Ogbene)
  • Hausa Christian Foundation (Amb. Joshua Danlami Jydson)
  • All Women Intercessors for Nigeria (AWIN) (Prophetess Success Oyewole)
  • Watchmaidens Ministries International (Mrs. D. Nwokolo)
  • Christian Fellowship of Nigeria (FCS) (Gideon M. Chimmin)
  • Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) (Rex N. Onuh)
  • Ministers Breakfast Meeting (Dr. Diran Ajayi)
  • Jerome’s Missionary Outreach (Mrs. Bridget Itsueli)
  • Lunch Hour Fellowship (Pastor Sylvester Mbamali)
  • Youth Empowerment & Restoration Initiative, Nigeria (Dr Ibilola Amao)
  • Pleroma Missions (Tokumbo Salami)
  • Scripture Union of Nigeria (Prof Madu Iwe)
  • Ministers Prayer Network (Rev. Prof. Mosy Madugba)
  • Scripture Union Campus Fellowship (Sola Ajide)
  • Full Gospel Businessman's Fellowship International (Arc Ifeanyi Odedo)
  • The Truevine women Intercessors (Pst Helpmeet Ene Secundus)
  • Club 401 (Elder L.F. Jumbo)
  • FCS National Director, Chimmin,
  • The Ambassadors Summit, Bro. Joshua,
  • NIFES National Director,
  • Pst Andrew Omale
  • Pastor Jeffrey Daly, USA
  • Pastor Mary Fayemi, Beauty for Ashes, Abuja
  • Nigerian Christians in Diaspora, UK



Mr Iheanyi Uzoma +234(0)803 3380 417 (Intercessors for Nigeria)
Mr Atei Beredugo +234(0)803 3084 272 (Jubilee & Life Advocates)
Mrs Esther Ephraim +234(0)802 6209 952 (Wailing Women Worldwide).

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