Prayer Points For The Week: Aug 29 - Sept 4 - Sept 11, 2021


[Though set in 7 days format; this may be used over the next two weeks. Adding anything else the Spirit leads]


THANKSGIVING: Bless the name of the Lord; thank and praise Him for yourself, family, the Church and Nigeria

REPENTANCE: Repent for all sins, failings and shortcomings of you and your family, the Church and Nigeria


It is important that we war with sure Words of prophecy received. Also important is revelations received from the Holy Spirit. We are to mill them in the place and hours of prayer, and thus fulfill Christ Jesus’ instruction to ‘watch and pray’ (Matthew 26 v 41 / Mark 13 v 33, 35). The week’s focus of prayers is on recent prophecies, warnings and prophetic revelations received.


DAY I: Sunday 29th August

The WORD of the Sovereign Lord to NIGERIA: “The siege is over! The siege is over!! The siege is over!!!       Scripture References: John1 v 1-4, Psalm 138 v 1-3


Let us thank the Lord for God’s prophetic Word for NIGERIA:

Let us thank the Lord for God’s love for NIGERIA:

Let us thank the Lord for God’s plan for His Kingdom Work in NIGERIA.

DAY 2: Monday 30th August

We receive the WORD of the Sovereign LORD for NIGERIA!!!

Scripture References: Matthew 18 v 18, 19, Matthew 7 v 7.


We agree with our GOD for His Sovereign WORD sent to NIGERIA:

We believe and therefore agree with the Heavens of God’s Righteousness, as we also agree with one another, in togetherness as Gatekeepers/Watchmen/ Intercessors over the Land:

We receive the WORD of the Lord for the Salvation of the Land, NIGERIA.

We give to the Lord, the Praise and the Worship due to his name.

DAY 3: Tuesday 31st August

The WORD sent by the HOLY Spirit is the Wisdom of GOD: We receive the Wisdom of God.

Scripture References: Romans 10 v 10, 11; 2 Corinthians 4 v 13-15.


We receive the Wisdom of God and henceforth speak and prophesy that the enemy’s siege over our Land is over. Blessed Spirit of Grace, we believe therefore we speak: We receive the Grace to continue to speak that which you have sent, in the name of the LORD Jesus.

DAY 4: Wednesday 1st September

We receive strength from the LORD, for everyone called and raised as a deliverer at this hour for NIGERIA:

Scripture References: Psalm 110 v1; Matthew 24 v 44; Obadiah v 21.


We arise in unity and receive God’s strength for NIGERIA: We receive the LORD’s strength for the Esthers, the Deborahs, the Huldas, the Joshuas, the Nehemiahs, the Ezras, the Mordecais, the Samsons, the Ehuds, the Othniels, the Gideons, the Jephthahs.  We receive the David for NIGERIA’s deliverance. We receive the men and hosts of the LORD to overthrow the sons of the Bondwoman from their stranglehold over NIGERIA.

DAY 5: Thursday 2nd September

We invoke the ROD of GOD’s strength out of ZION:  Scripture References: Psalm 110 v 2-5,

Psalm 45 v 6, Jeremiah 1 v 10.


We access the rod of GOD’s strength out of Zion. We access the name of Yeshua Amaschiac and the Covenant of the Blood. As we speak this over the Land Nigeria, let the hosts of War move in,

Let the Captain of the Hosts take their place to root out the thrones of their wickedness.

Let their structures be rooted out; Let their rod of evil be set ablaze by the blast

from the Father’s nostrils:

Let the armies of Darkness and the hosts their in be destroyed.

DAY 6: Friday 3rd September

.Let the LORD arise to judge the Heathen who have held Nigeria captive:

Scripture Reference: Psalm 110 v 6-7, Psalm 68 v 21, Isaiah 66 v 24.


Let the LORD arise and let His enemies in Nigeria be scattered:

Let their confederations be broken; Let their swords locate their ranks;

Let the Victory of the Cross of Calvary be proclaimed.

DAY 7: Saturday 4th September

We open the door to Nigeria’s deliverance, we enthrone the throne of David in Nigeria:

Scripture Reference: Revelation 3 v 7-8, Isaiah 22 v 22, Isaiah 9 v 6,7, John 16 v 7 - 16.


  • We use the Key of the Throne of David,
  • We lock out the Islamic Throne, Structures, Confederacies and Ensigns:
  • We open the DOOR for the establishment of the Throne of David:
  • We enthrone the LORDSHIP of JESUS, as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords

over NIGERIA forever and ever!!!!!!!

  • We welcome the HOLY SPIRIT in full operation; we hand the Church in Nigeria over to Him, for the establishment of His eternal Kingdom. Even so, Thy Kingdome Come, O God.



  • Thank God mightily for all the students that have been released from captivity.
  • Plead for God’s mercy on the Church, on the remaining children, and their parents. Pray for the release of ALL remaining abducted students including Leah Sharibu, other Christians and other innocent Nigerians.
  • Pray for the birthing of a new Nigeria that is in the precise shape of God’s will and counsel.
  • Pray for the Isaiah 61.1-3 mandate of Jesus Christ to be fully fulfilled for Nigeria this 61st year of Independence

Pray OTHER PRAYERS as led or burdened

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