Prayer Points For The Week: Aug 28 - Sep 3, 2022



THANKSGIVING:  O magnify the LORD with me… exalt his name” Psalm 34:3. Give Him thanks, praise and glory for yourself, your family, the Church and Nigeria. Thank Him also for what He shall yet do to His glory.

REPENTANCE: Also, ask God for mercy and forgiveness for all of your sins, your family’s, the Church and Nigeria; pray for grace to turn and live in obedience; that our land may be healed (2 Chron. 7.14).

FOCUS:  The 35th Week of 2022 & the 48th Week of Nigeria’s 62nd Year



  • This is a week of sudden and unexpected, abrupt ends and new beginnings. Genesis 35 bears witness. Isaac and Deborah, Rebekah's nurse, died there. Rachel died there after giving birth to Benjamin (Gen 35: 8, 19, 29). Jacob's active life ended here too. Genesis 36 is about Esau. The rest of Genesis is about the sons of Jacob especially Joseph. Pray against abrupt endings for God's people this 35th week, against evil operations of the spirit of death, and decree abrupt ends for unwholesome and undesirable things that should not be - in families, in the church and in Nigeria and the nations.
  • This is a week of judgment against wickedness. Psalm 35:1-3 says, "Plead my cause, O LORD, with those who strive with me; Fight against those who fight against me. [2] Take hold of shield and buckler, and stand up for my help. [3] Also draw out the spear, And stop those who pursue me. Say to my soul, "I am your salvation." The 35th season is a season when the wicked do wickedly. Reuben defiled his father's bed in Genesis 35. The Abacha government  accused, arrested, and jailed Obasanjo in 1995 (Nigeria's 35th year). The Ogoni 8 (including Ken Saro-Wiwa were executed the same year.  It was a year impunity and great human rights abuses in Nigeria leading to tough UN sanctions. Pray that God will rise against wickedness, violence, and injustice in the nations this week. Pray in line with Psalm 35 that, this week, God will deliver His people from wicked hands and hearts.
  • This is a week of revival. The 35th season is a time for revival of faith. This is a time to return to Bethel. The 35th season is a time to go back to Bethel - the place of encounter with God. In Genesis 35, God told Jacob to return to Bethel. He got his family and household to do away with all idols in their possession. In Second Chronicles 35, Josiah led all Judah to return to the Lord and observed a landmark Passover; such as had never happened since the days of Samuel. In Jeremiah 35, God commended the sons of Rechab for refusing to depart from their roots and instructions of their father. Pray for revival in the nations. The Spirit of God is calling us this week to go back to Bethel. Pray that God's people will hear, heed and respond en mass to this call; even impacting others outside the fold.
  • The 35th season is a season of blessings for the godly. In Genesis 35, God spoke comfort and blessing to Jacob. He announced his change of name for the last time in this chapter. In Jeremiah 35, God also blessed the sons of Rechab. Pray for divine encounters for God's people in the nations for a positive and eternal change of identity and walking in the blessings of our new identity in Christ.
  • The 48th week is a season of the Sovereignty and Lordship of God. The 48th chapters of Psalm, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, bear witness to this. The 48th book the Bible opens with God's sovereign decision to make Paul an apostle. Pray that the Hand of the Sovereign God will move in Nigeria this week and put down every contending power of man and of the devil in this country.
  • The 48th season is a season of grace. In Genesis 48, Jacob adopted the two sons of Jacob and made them equal to their uncles by inheritance. He also gave the blessing of the firstborn to the second child. The 48th book of the Bible is Galatians. The book is about our gracious redemption in Christ that made us sons of God like Jesus Christ and sons of Abraham like Isaac. God knows how to qualify the unqualified. Pray that GRACE will locate the 'unqualified' in Nigeria this week, including you and the Church, and even Nigeria itself as a nation.
  • Pray other prayers for current national issues as your have observed or are burdened to pray. Pray also for the ongoing political transition process that there be no hijack, and the next leader shall be of God.
  • SPECIAL PRAYER: Lord have mercy on Leah Sharibu and all others abducted and still in the hands of their captors. Stretch forth Your hand and set free. (d) Defend Your children in S/Kaduna, Jos and other Christian territories being targeted by the adversary (c.) Have mercy of IDPs and enable them return to their homes


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