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18th June - 19th July, 2020

We thank all our donors and we pray that God will bless and replenish you. May the Lord count your gift as righteousness and reward you abundantly.

Please be reminded that with effect from 18th June, 2020, Christian Social Movement of Nigeria (CSMN) introduced a Financial Policy that seeks to ensure that all the arms of the Movement are adequately funded. The Financial Policy is below this Statement of Account, please.

Ultimately, the various allocations still go to persecuted Christians but since there are various dimensions to the Christian intervention, the other arms like Legal, Media, Data gathering, including the promotion of Democracy to institute Good Governance all require funding.

Consequently, the Statement of Accounts of the Donations shall henceforth reflect expenses from the other Directorates of CSMN.

Thank you very much and God bless you.



Balance carried forward from May/June, 2020



18-Jun-20 Moses On...   2,000.00  
18-Jun-20 Amaso Vic...   2,000.00  
19-Jun-20 Ndububa M...   20,000.00  
19-Jun-20 Okupe Fey...   3,000.00  
19-Jun-20 Wickliffe Ola...   20,000.00  
19-Jun-20 Ezegwula Chi...   100,000.00  
20-Jun-20 Akindehin Olu...   20,000.00  
20-Jun-20 Azie Chi...   5,000.00  
21-Jun-20 Fadeyi Olu...   12,000.00  
21-Jun-20 Pastor Mog...   10,000.00  
22-Jun-20          Uchenna Ekw...   200,000.00  
22-Jun-20 Ogunsanwo Tem...   10,000.00  
23-Jun-20 Banji May...   10,000.00  
24-Jun-20 Akpan Ant...   5,000.00  
24-Jun-20 Banji The...   2,000.00  
25-Jun-20 Adenuga Mar...   10,000.00  
26-Jun-20 Abolarin Dam...   3,000.00  
26-Jun-20 Ocholi Pau...   1,000.00  
26-Jun-20 Okupe Fey...   15,000.00  
27-Jun-20 Adenike Ibi...   100,000.00  
27-Jun-20 Fadeyi Olu...   10,000.00  
28-Jun-20 Wickliffe Ola...   20,000.00  
29-Jun-20 Azie Chio...   9,000.00  
30-Jun-20 Ani Ayo...   10,000.00  
01-Jul-20 Akande Olu...   50,000.00  
01-Jul-20 Theophilus Ayo...   2,000.00  
01-Jul-20 Ogebe Emm...   10,000.00  
02-Jul-20 Fadeyi Olu...   10,000.00  
04-Jul-20 Adeoye Ola...   10,000.00  
06-Jul-20 Jemine Ogb...   10,000.00  
06-Jul-20 Alabi Tai...   1,000.00  
06-Jul-20 Zhakom Dan...   10,000.00  
07-Jul-20 Oye Mic...   50,000.00  
07-Jul-20 Ihonde Mos...   200,000.00  
07-Jul-20 Adetunji Sok...   15,000.00  
07-Jul-20 Adeniyi Dav...   100,000.00  
08-Jul-20 Daniel Eko...   15,000.00  
08-Jul-20 Ndububa Emm...   20,000.00  
08-Jul-20 Itegboje Michael And Ajibike   100,000.00  
09-Jul-20 Akinboboye Ore...   10,000.00  
09-Jul-20 Banji The...   1,000.00  
10-Jul-20 Fadeyi Olu...   5,000.00  
10-Jul-20 Aghayere Vic...   10,000.00  
10-Jul-20 Cyprian Agb...   25,000.00  
11-Jul-20 Idoko Cal...   7,500.00  
11-Jul-20 Banji The...   6,000.00  
13-Jul-20 Victoria Fel...   200,000.00  
15-Jul-20 Linda Tok...   20,000.00  
16-Jul-20 Zhakom Dan...   6,000.00  
16-Jul-20 Ronke Alo...   10,000.00  
17-Jul-20 Chukwumaeze Nao...   10,000.00  

TOTAL 18-Jun-20 - 19-Jul-20










18th June - 19th July, 2020


21-Jun-20          Payment to ZOOM for online meetings and Conferences  Admin   5,856.00   
26-Jun-20 Medical and welfare assistance to a persecuted Christian brother outside the country. Identify concealed for his safety. Humanitarian  100,000.00   
24-Jun-20 Personnel  Media   5,000.00   
25-Jun-20 Office Running  Admin   5,000.00   
30-Jun-20 Cash relief to Widows in Taraba State. Conducted for CSMN by TASCOMO  Humanitarian   1,436,000.00   
03-Jul-20 Office Running  Admin   75,000.00   
08-Jul-20 Legal Intervention - Abducted Christian Girl  Legal Intervention   50,000.00   
08-Jul-20 Media Online Platform  Media   27,500.00   
11-Jul-20 Monthly Internet  Admin   7,150.00   
18-Jul-20 Stamp Duty  Admin   1,500.00   




Balance Carried Forward






  Humanitarian 25%    
  Politics and Governance 20%    
  Legal Intervention 15%    
  Media and Publicity 10%    
  Admin & Secretariat 10%    
  Youth & Empowerment 10%    
  Data & Records 5%    
  Savings 5%    

This financial statement was produced from the information received from the Bank. All donations to Cry of Martyrs was done through the Bank. There was no cash donation received.
Please direct enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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