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20th July - 21st August, 2020

Important Information

We thank all our donors and we pray that God will bless and replenish you. May the Lord count your gift as righteousness and reward you abundantly. Please be reminded that with effect from 18th June, 2020, Christian Social Movement of Nigeria (CSMN) introduced a Financial Policy that seeks to ensure that all the arms of the Movement are adequately funded.

The Financial Policy is below this Statement of Account, please. Ultimately, the various allocations still go to persecuted Christians but since there are various dimensions to the Christian intervention, the other arms like Legal, Media, Data gathering, including the promotion of Democracy to institute Good Governance all require funding. Consequently, the Statement of Accounts of the Donations shall henceforth reflect expenses from the other Directorates of CSMN.

Thank you very much and God bless you.


  Balance carried forward from June/July  1,264,370.51 
20-Jul-20                  Mimo Em... 492.50
22-Jul-20 Ajayi Anu... 100,000.00
22-Jul-20 Azie Chi... 10,000.00
23-Jul-20 Banji The... 3,000.00
24-Jul-20 Odukoya Tio... 20,000.00
24-Jul-20 Azie Chi... 9,000.00
25-Jul-20 Raphael Ana... 5,000.00
26-Jul-20 Banji May... 10,000.00
26-Jul-20 Samuel Buk... 5,000.00
28-Jul-20 Ani Ayo... 5,000.00
29-Jul-20 Nwankpa Ene... 10,000.00
30-Jul-20 Unknown Donor 2,500.00
30-Jul-20 Ocholi Pau... 1,000.00
31-Jul-20 Oguntayo Bio... 2,000.00
02-Aug-20 Akande Olu... 50,000.00
02-Aug-20 Oye Mic... 50,000.00
02-Aug-20 John Hab... 20,000.00
02-Aug-20 Oyeneye Pat... 500
02-Aug-20 Raphael Ana... 5,000.00
03-Aug-20 Ibanga Obe... 3,000.00
03-Aug-20 Onwuzo Chu... 30,000.00
03-Aug-20 Ogebe Emm... 10,000.00
03-Aug-20 Onoja Mic... 3,000.00
03-Aug-20 Bogote Ire... 500.00
03-Aug-20 Onyinyechi Rom... 10,000.00
03-Aug-20 Dangana Pho... 1,000.00
04-Aug-20 Tabara Sam... 2,000.00
04-Aug-20 Okupe Fey... 5,000.00
04-Aug-20 Adebisi Olu... 1,000.00
04-Aug-20 Amachree Tub... 500.00
05-Aug-20 Tella Olu... 1,000.00
05-Aug-20 Oladipupo Gid... 500.00
05-Aug-20 Cleopas Jul... 1,000.00
05-Aug-20 Mrs Aadum Kas... 500
06-Aug-20 Dr Kola And Dr Titi So... 3,800.00
06-Aug-20 Dr & Mrs. Ayotunku Abi... 12,000.00
06-Aug-20 Adegoke Kol... 2,000.00
07-Aug-20 Daniel Eko... 10,000.00
07-Aug-20 John Ode... 2,000.00
07-Aug-20 Adile Emm... 500.00
07-Aug-20 Aghayere Vic... 10,000.00
07-Aug-20 Mr & Mrs Ndu... 2,500.00
07-Aug-20 Fadeyi Olu... 7,500.00
07-Aug-20 Unknown Donor 5,810.00
09-Aug-20 Mrs Mojisola Adu... 500.00
09-Aug-20 Mrs Mojisola Adu... 500.00
10-Aug-20 Ascension Min... 1,000,000.00
10-Aug-20 Linda Tok... 6,000.00
10-Aug-20 Atamonokhai Ade... 5,000.00
10-Aug-20 Wickliffe Ola... 20,000.00
11-Aug-20 Ima Nsa & Co... 6,000.00
11-Aug-20 Delphine Ehi... 28,750.00
11-Aug-20 Tariah Moj... 500.00
12-Aug-20 Harry Bel... 20,000.00
12-Aug-20 Madugu Mia... 2,000.00
13-Aug-20 Nwaneri Obi... 20,000.00
13-Aug-20 Olulola Ayo... 5,000.00
13-Aug-20 Aberedugo Ate... 200,000.00
13-Aug-20 Monjok Ani... 1,500.00
13-Aug-20 John Mar... 5,000.00
14-Aug-20 Donation to Secretariat for Rent by Ascen... 600,000.00
14-Aug-20 Suberu Mos... 5,000.00
14-Aug-20 Nwosu Nne... 10,000.00
15-Aug-20 Chime In... 5,000.00
15-Aug-20 Unknown Donor 2,000.00
17-Aug-20 Ahmed Pris... 1,000.00
17-Aug-20 Odeyemi Isr... 5,000.00
18-Aug-20 Olley Ori... 5,000.00
18-Aug-20 Oseyemi Ola... 2,500.00
19-Aug-20 Ifeyinwa Ike... 20,000.00
20-Aug-20 Unknown Donor From Abuja 6,000.00
20-Aug-20 Elkan Uzo... 10,000.00
20-Aug-20 Mrs Ogu... 10,000.00
20-Aug-20 Bosun Em... 2,000.00
  TOTAL 20-Jul-20 to 21-Aug-20 2,437,852.50
05-Aug-20 Refund of payment for online information platform 27,500.00
  TOTAL INFLOWS 2,465,352.50
  NET TOTAL 3,729,723.01





  20th July - 21st August, 2020    
21-Jul-20                 ZOOM Pro Account   Admin   5,856.00 
21-Jul-20 Legal Expenses - Abducted Christian girl in Kano  Legal   100,000.00 
27-Jul-20 Fuel  Admin   3,900.00 
2020-08-08 Monthly Office Internet Admin  7,150.00 
2020-08-13 Medical Bill Victims of Zonkwa Attacks, South Kaduna Humanitarian            338,440.00 
2020-08-14 Medical Bill Victims of Kukum Daji Attacks, S. Kaduna Humanitarian  200,000.00 
2020-08-14 Food Relief for IDPs in Kaala, Kajuru, South Kaduna Humanitarian  700,000.00 
2020-08-14 Outstanding office rent for 2019 donated Ascension Admin  600,000.00 
18-Aug-20 Bank Charges Admin  1,577.00 
18-Aug-20 Transport Media  2,000.00 
2020-08-18 Fuel Admin  5,000.00 
2020-08-18 ZOOM Add-on for Webinar Admin  21,721.00 
2020-08-18 Video production and media expenses Media 150,000.00
2020-08-21 Press Conference - Media Expenses Media 160,000.00
2020-08-21 Conference Expenses Admin 68,400.00
  TOTAL EXPENSES    2,364,044.00 
  BALANCE CARRIED FORWARD    1,365,679.01 
  (Please note that balance include funds for all Directorates listed below.)    



Humanitarian 25%
Politics and Governance 20%
Legal Intervention 15%
Media and Publicity 10%
Admin & Secretariat 10%
Youth & Empowerment 10%
Data & Records 5%
Savings 5%


This financial statement was produced from the information received from the Bank. All donations to Cry of Martyrs was done through the Bank. There was no cash donation received.
Please direct enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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