The National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) was at the Senate on Tuesday 25th July 2017 for a meeting with a delegation of Southern and Middle Belt Christian Senators.

The NCEF in a 32 page Confidential document expressed regret that Nigeria has been grappling with various forms of colonization from inception.

First, there was the Fulani colonization of the Hausas which was succeeded by the British colonization of the entire nation. After independence in 1960, the nation is grappling with neo-colonization in which the Islamists are attempting to make Nigeria a colony of the Fulanis through Jihad.

It is on this basis that the NCEF developed the theme, NIGERIA: ONCE FREED, FOREVER FREE.

The meeting urged Christians and all ethnic nationalities in Nigeria to resist every intimidation and fear. It was pointed out that fear is deliberately being put into Nigerians to intimidate them into submission to neo-colonization.

Christians are encouraged to speak out and take a stand for Justice, Equality and Fairness in the nation. All Nigerian citizens are free and equal. There is no Nigerian that is a second class citizen.

The Christian Elders also expressed strong objection to the Sukkuk loan, Grazing Reserve and the introduction of Arabic as core subject in Universities. NCEF urged a reversal of all sectional appointments that violate the Federal Character Principle in Section 14 (3) of the Constitution and all sectional policies that are being foisted upon the nation.

Above all, NCEF urges all Christians, and indeed all Nigerians, to remain prayerful and watchful. 


In view of the enormous amount of work to be done, Christians are urged to support the National Christian Elders Forum primarily with prayers and also with resources. Christians interested in additional information could register at while contributions could be put into:
Christian Social Movement of Nigeria,
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