Monday 14th – Sunday 20th February 2022

Advocates for Freedom and Democracy (AFD)
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January 24, 2022.

Dearly beloved,

National Prayers: Monday 14th – Sunday 20th February 2022

The annual National Prayer commenced in 2018 as “National Prayer of Repentance,” to intercede for the Church and the nation based on God’s rebuke that Nigeria Christians were praying and fasting without repenting. After the third edition of those prayers, God confronted us with Matthew 3:8, demanding evidence of repentance from the Church. In May 2021, the rebuke was repeated, stressing that the ceremonial repentance of most Nigeria Christians was not acceptable; that ‘repenting’ without the corresponding evidence of a penitent lifestyle was beginning to attract divine judgment.

As frightening as judgment sounds, it appears now inevitable, considering the sorry state of the Nigerian society: the harrowing daily abductions, ritual killings, staggering Executive corruption, political and religious assassinations by devout insurgents, cult and gang wars, drug wars, the sacking of vulnerable minority communities, their forced exile into IDP camps, and the blatant acquisition of their ancestral lands; on top of all that, the indifference of Christian leaders. The abnormalities have assumed such a prominence that even the otherwise tolerant and patient have become fed up. Apparently, the situation agrees with the prayer point that is God’s pleasure for season: that judgment might fall on deserving heads, because the wicked will not stop unless compelled by God’s mighty hand.

The 2022 National Prayers have two objectives:

1. the purging of the land by a judgment of God upon the wicked and evil doers;
2. the promotion of the righteous into positions of authority.

The 7-day call to prayer and fasting is scheduled as follows:
Date: Monday 14th – Sunday 20th February, 2022.
Venue: At respective Christian facilities and online, on Zoom and YouTube:
Zoom: Meeting ID: 853 7429 2947; Passcode: 662434
YouTube: Youtube.come/CSMNigeriaOrgOne

Prayer Time: 10.00-11.00pm (Nigeria time) daily

Daily fasts would be from sunrise to sundown, or as may be necessitated by individual circumstances.

Daily prayer focus:

Mon. 14th Feb. Judgment on corrupt, immoral, and occult church leaders

Tues. 15th Feb. Judgment on kidnappers, terrorists, and those shedding the blood of saints

Wed. 16th Feb. Judgment on immorality and idolatry in the land

Thurs. 17th Feb. Judgment on corrupt leaders looting the wealth of Nigeria – Job 20

Fri. 18th Feb. Judgment on politicians engaged in human sacrifices and satanic rituals for political power

Sat 19th Feb. The promotion of righteous men and women into positions of authority in the country

Sun. 20th Feb. The restoration of God’s glory upon Nigeria

May your sincere sighs and cries in this season mark your forehead with God’s token of preservation as the angel with the inkhorn goes through the land (Ezekiel 9:4). May God count you among the remnant fifty or ten righteous ones for whose sake our land and your life might be preserved (Genesis 18:23-33). Amen.


Prof Kontein Trinya & Pastor Bosun Emmanuel
Advocates for Freedom & Democracy (AFD)

Signed for and on behalf of the partnering 42 Christian organisations and churches.

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