Prayer Points For The Week: Jun 13 – Jun 19


THANKSGIVING: Psa_104:1 “O LORD my God, thou art very great”. Oh, thank the Lord for His greatness by which you, your family, Nigeria and the Church is preserved and total anarchy is not loosed

REPENTANCE: Come humbly before the Lord; confess your sins and take a firm stand to forsake them, pray for grace to live faithful and true. Also, pray that believers and Nigerians at large will walk in obedience to God.

THEME: Nigeria in her 37th week since Oct-1, 2020….& Nigeria’s Acts 12 on June 12


  • Nigeria is like Peter, leading the charge of the Great Commission. Despite all our faults and failings, it is probably the most evangelical nation in the world today. Nigeria is a “Peter nation”. Like the devil caught and caged Peter, He is “catching and imprisoning” the Church and seeking to kill her. Like James and Peter, the devil has indeed “killed James” in Nigeria and is seeking to go for a decisive slaughter. Acts 12.5 “But prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God”. PLEASE, pray that God will strengthen the Church to pray effectively and consistently; that prayer will be “made without ceasing”; that the Church will remain in firm faith for God’s plan and not fear.
  • Act 12:6“And when Herod would have brought him forth, the same night Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains: and the keepers before the door kept the prison” Though Peter was sleeping in the midst of his travails – whether our of faith or fatigue – God woke him up and helped. Pray that God will intervene in mercy and help, awaken and the Church despite our many weaknesses and failings. Cry for God’s mercy.
  • In Isaiah 37, the devil threatened Israel and told them not to even bother to trust God because God cannot save them from their enemies. God demolished the adversary hosts of the adversary with one Angel. In Acts 12, God nullified the plans of the devil with one angel. Please pray that God will send his mighty angel to rescue Nigeria and the Church.
  • After Acts 12, Saul (Paul) got commissioned and a bigger, wider and more glorious dimension of the Church began in Acts 13. Pray that this June 12, 2021 will mark a watershed and that a bigger, better and more glorious dimension of the Church and the nation should unfold now.
  • Pstr Benny Hinn said that in two years from 2019, God will begin to shatter the plans of the adversaries of the gospel in Nigeria. God also gave a prophetic word that Nigeria shall be the burial ground of the arch-adversaries of the gospel today. War a good warfare with these prophecies; pray that these shall be now.
  • Pa Elton prophesied that Nigeria shall be corrupt and sinful and become reproachful worldwide; but a new era of righteousness will follow where Nigeria shall be so righteous that nations will come to Nigeria to learn righteousness. Cindy Jacobs also prophesied that Nigeria shall one day become one of the most peaceful nations on earth. Again, war a warfare with these prophecies. Pray that everything that is seeking to drag you into sin, everything perverting the Church, or holding Nigeria back in unrighteousness or insecurity will break down and disappear now.
  • Psa_10:15 “Break Thou the arm of the wicked and the evil man: seek out his wickedness till thou find none.” Pray that God will stretch forth His arm and by His angels fish out the wicked in the forests and in the cities, in State House Abuja, in the Government Houses, in government departments and companies, break their arms, seek out the wicked and demolish all who will not repent and relent.
  • Prophesy and pray against those who are raiding schools to kidnap and desecrating the already bad situation in the educational sector. Pray that by the hand of the Lord, God will free all students held in the captivity of abductors.
  • Pray that God will stretch forth His mighty hand to release Leah Sharibu and all of her kind
  • Pray that God will take control of the ongoing National Assembly constitutional amendment process, unmask any satanic deception in the process and frustrate any plans to sneak in and foist Satanic agenda on the nation.

 Pray OTHER PRAYERS as led or burdened

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