Prayer Points For The Week: Jun 20 – Jun 26


THANKSGIVING: “God is our Refuge and strength.  A very present help in trouble" (Psalm 46) 

Praise God for the comfort of His divine Presence even in the midst of all the troubles and afflictions of the Church and the Nation. Thank You, Father, for You are always with us and for us.


REPENTANCE: Forgive us our many sins, O God. Also, by your Spirit, purge our hearts to serve You faithfully and bring works conforming with repentance and lifestyles pleasing to God.  We plead for mercy over all our derailing: leaving the Great Commission which is our basic duty as Christians, irrespective of our occupations.

We still plead for mercy over, against Your express instructions, empowering and enthroning he that has now so much imperiled the Church and the people today.  Oh, Lord,  in wrath,  remember mercy. Turn again our captivity.


  • Lord, please open our eyes of understanding afresh to the great authority of Your Presence and banish all fear in Your Church and in the nation (Ephesians 1: 18 – 22)
  • Oh Lord, utter Your voice against the raging, wicked acts and plots of evil men concerning Nigeria (Psalm 46.6)
  • Please Lord, touch the evil mountains of Nigeria let them melt and as smoke vanish away. Cause wars and drums of wars to be totally terminated over Nigeria. Break the bows and cut the spears (all amassed weapons). Burn the chariots down with Your fire (all gadgets of war, helps, helpers and supports for evil).
  • Breath afresh on all the intercessory, intellectual, diplomatic, political and other efforts by individuals and bodies towards termination of evil order and the establishment of Your divine purpose in Nigeria. Empower them, Lord
  • We arrest and cast out the spirit of fear and terror of death spread by terrorism, gruesome killings and wicked speeches and threats. We judge and forbid all contrary pronouncements. 3: 37
  • Let the Church be clothed in power, strong in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in this season of our national life. Prophesy and proclaim a new dawn of unity, peace, righteousness and joy in the Church and the nation.
  • Almighty God, please raise voices of reason, fearless voices, selfless voices, Spirit-led voices to speak Your counsel over the nation, speak truth to power, and speak with wisdom and power that none can ignore
  • Thank You so much Lord for the foiling of the abduction of the students and staff of the FGC in Kebbi. Please comfort the family of the one student who died. By Your power, let there be no more nationwide.
  • Every evil tree that God has not planted in Nigeria, be uprooted and let the bitter and painful fruits of such evil trees cease, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Also Lord, shame Western deliberate prophets of doom; and Jihadist fear mongers. They say there is a casting down; we say there is a lifting up for Nigeria. Nigeria, arise, shine, powered afresh by God’s children, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen
  • Almighty God, please remember Leah Sharibu. Even for the sake of this one little girl who would not deny You, disgrace the adversaries of Your Church. Let them not have cause to say their god and their might have overrun the gospel and the children of the Most High God. The gates of hell shall NOT prevail

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