Prayer Points For The Week: Jul 18 – Jul 31


              [NB: Though laid out in 7 days format, the outline below can be used for the two weeks to Aug-31)

THANKSGIVING: Give God thanks and praise for yourself, family, the Church and Nigeria

REPENTANCE: Repent likewise for all failings and shortcomings of yours, your family, the Church and Nigeria that you can remember


There is War in the spiritual realm and its manifestation in the physical is getting more pronounced in daily experiences of bloodshed, intimidation, terrorism, civil disobedience, despair of the unprotected population, Islamic irredentism manifesting in various forms of impunity and lawlessness. In the face of a democratic Constitution: Nigeria is ranked as a failed State, as anarchy is written on the face of Nigeria's Map.

In the simplest description, Nigeria appears "without form, and void; and darkness is upon the face of the deep". But the Spirit of God is upon the face of the Waters, (Genesis 1 v 2). The Question then is, 'What is God speaking?' Whatever God is speaking, that is what the Watchmen/ Intercessors must be speaking: the Remnants must be speaking; not from fear, not from doubt but out of faith. Faith is confidence in God's ability, as long as we are armed and ready through obedience ( 2 Corinthians 10 v 6).

 The Picture of Our Land: Satan and hell wants Nigeria as its Africa headquarters. God and the heavens of His righteousness need Nigeria as a Kingdom tool and a flagship for Revival of the entire kingdom of God; as a carrier of Light and fire for Africa and the Nations. The War in the heavens is manifesting physically in Nigeria, (Revelation 12 v 7- 17). God's expectation is that the Kingdom Citizens in Nigeria, not the denominational Church, will work in Obedience to the Commander of the Hosts who has been released to dethrone Satan from its stool in Nigeria, establish God's righteous leadership and enforce the Father’s prophetic will upon the Land. Scriptures: Rev: 12 v 10- 11, Luke 14 v 26 -34, Matthew 28 v 18- 20, Mark 16 v 15 - 18, John 20 v 21 - 23.


DAY I: Sunday 18th July, 2021

1. Let us bring Repentance over the ignorance that has permeated the Land of Nigeria.

2. Let us repent of the rebellion of the Church in Nigeria; the Rebellion against the Word; the iniquity of the workings of the flesh; the greed; the neglect of the pattern of Christ.

3. Let us request for the Lord’s mercy over every error committed by the community of Believers-in-Christ in Nigeria. Scriptures: 2 Chronicles 7 v 14, Matthew 3 v 2, Matthew 3 v 8 - 10, Matthew 3 v 11 - 12.

DAY 2: Monday 19th July, 2021

1. Let us receive Mercy from the Lord.   2. Let His Mercy rejoice over Judgment.  3. Let us plead and receive the Blood again over the Land. Scriptures: James 2 v 13, Hebrews 9 v 22, Revelation 12 v 11.

DAY 3: Tuesday 20th July, 2021

1. Let us War against the Leviathan in every dimension of his operations in Nigeria.

2. Let us raise the Sword of the LORD against his structures in the air, land and sea.

3. Let us destroy his Administrations and every manifestation of his influence in the air, land and sea.

Scriptures: Isaiah 27 v 1, Isaiah 34 v 6, Isaiah 66 v 16.

DAY 4: Wednesday 21st July, 2021

1. Let us rebuke the Waters of satanic antagonism.

2. Let us overturn the tables of satanic agreements against the Land.

3. Let us revoke the oaths of the covenants of Darkness against the Program of our God.

Scriptures: Revelation 12 v 15 - 16, Proverb 16 v 33, Numbers 23 v 23, Ezekiel 21 v 21 - 27.

DAY 5: Thursday 22nd July, 2021

1. Let us call forth the divine Rainbow in the Blood of the Lamb of God                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

2. Let every contrary rainbow of the covenant of Ishmael and the covenants of Babylon be destroyed in the land of Nigeria.

3. Let the Waters of God's Judgment fall and drown every enemy of the Blood of the Lamb of God:

4. Let the armies of the covenants of Ishmael and Babylon drown in the Sea of the Blood of The Lamb of God.

 Scriptures: Genesis 8 v 20 - 22, Genesis 9 v 7- 17, Hebrews 9 v 14, Hebrews 10 v 29 - 31.

DAY 6: Friday 23rd July, 2021

1. Let us bless the Lord for securing His Vineyard in the Land; and for the return of the Covenant to the Land

2. Let us receive by faith the David from the Sheepfold of Nigeria

3. Let his enemies bow to the Sword of David: Let the remnant the wicked make peace with our God

4. Let the Scepter of our King be lifted and let our God reign over the territory of the New Nigeria

Scriptures: Isaiah 27 v 2- 6, Isaiah 10 v 17, Matthew 3 v 12, Hebrews 6 v 8

DAY 7: Saturday 24th July, 2021

1. Let the Cherubim with the flaming Sword be released to guard the workmen of the Kingdom of Our God.

2. Let the elect be secured in their Kingdom Assignments.

3. Let them be equipped with a new strength by the breath of Our God.

4. Let the Glory of God overflow the New Nigeria: the New Nigeria come forth in fullness O LORD, we pray.

Scriptures: Genesis 3 v 24, John 17 v 18 - 19, John 20 v 19, John 20 v 21 -23.


  • Decree and repeal every unrighteous and biased legislation and appointment by the Federal Executive and the Legislature
  • Pray and contend for the release NOW of all persons in bondage of Jihadists and other criminals. These include Leah Sharibu and all abducted students
  • Pray that the Church in Nigeria be stirred awake by the Spirit of God to seize the huge opportunity presented by massive migration to the South to evangelize the Muslims that are now easier to reach; and that the Church in the South will be more responsive to the challenges of their brethren in the North
  • Pray for yourself and family, that this second half of 2021, you shall enter squarely into God’s plan, purpose and provision; and be of maximum usefulness in fulfilling His program for your nation and generation


Pray OTHER PRAYERS as led or burdened

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Very Dear Kingdom Partner,

Please find herewith the prayer points for the week ahead, which may also be used for the week thereafter i.e. July 18 to Aug 31