Prayer Points For The Week: Mar 19 - Mar 24, 2023


THANKSGIVING & WORSHIP: Psm 107:15-16 “Oh that men would praise the LORD for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men! For He hath broken the gates of brass, and cut the bars of iron in sunder” to O, let’s bless the Lord. It’s a new season for Nigeria and Nigerians – including you and I, and our families. SATAN AND HIS AGENTS CANNOT STOP OR REVERSE THIS. Join heaven’s angels in faith to raise a glad sound in faith over Nigeria and the Body of Christ. Praise God for all He has done for you, your family, the Church and Nigeria through 2022….& for greater things He is set to do NOW !

REPENTANCE: Truly repent and ask God for mercy and forgiveness for all of your sins, your family’s, the Church and Nigeria, and for the contributions of Christians to the woes of believers and of Nigeria by ignoring prophetic warnings. Pray for grace to turn and live in obedience; that our land may be healed (2 Chron. 7.14)




The Lion of Judah has broken every yoke,
He has given us the victory again and again.
The Lion of Judah has broken every yoke,
He has given us the victory again and again.

Genesis 18:25; Psalm 94:2; Isaiah 33:22; Psalm 89:14; Proverbs 21:3; Job 34:12; Ecclesiastes 5:8; Psalm 94:1-23; Psalm 83:1-23; Isaiah 28:14-19; Revelation 12:11; Daniel 7:13-14, 27; Micah 4:8-13.


1. Father , we thank you for ruling in the kingdom of Nigeria and for giving power to whomever you choose.

2. Our Lord , we thank you for the mercy you have shown our nation in the past by intervening surgically to rescue the nation from collapse.

3. Once again, our Lord, we petition you against the great injustice that has been done by INEC in the result of the just concluded presidential election.

4. Lord , we repent as a Church for whichever way we have contributed to this negative development in our nation. Please show us your mercy.

5. We plead with you Lord to arise in our nation and judge in this matter.

6. Father , judge the human agents manning the gates of the institutions responsible for administering electoral justice in Nigeria.

7. Father , compel the president, INEC, and the judiciary to rectify every error and injustice that has been done in the outcome of the 2023 presidential election.

8. Our Lord , arise in Nigeria and let the enemies of your Church be scattered in divine judgment.

9. Father , we submit our appeal to you according to your code of justice in heaven and the earth intervene as our Judge, Lawgiver and King, according to Isaiah 33:22.

10. In Jesus name , we reject the present electoral fraud, robbery and injustice that have been meted to Mr. Peter Obi and the Labour Party, and we demand for swift heavenly reversal, in Jesus name.

11. Father , let your painful judgement come upon all men whoever they are and wherever they are who desire to take Nigeria back to Egypt.

12. As Nigeria has come to this place and time of birth, we legislate that we shall have no abortion, miscarriage or a still birth, in Jesus name.

13. At the fringes of this our Canaan, we refuse to turn back to the wilderness of Kadesh Barnea in Jesus name.

14. As Jehovah liveth, a new nation shall be birthed in this season.

15. The God who has caused us labour pains in this our EDD season will also ensure the birth of a new nation of His desire, in Jesus name.

16. Abba Father , don’t permit corruption personified, iniquity in human flesh, Islamic fundamentalist, and a visible invalid to be our ruler in this country.

17. We still vehemently reject Muslim, Muslim rulers at the presidency of this nation, in Jesus name.

18. Father , by the Holy Ghost power, vacate the timidity, fear, gloom, grief, and spell on Nigerians that have kept us from massively coming out to express the rejection of the outcome of the 2023 presidential elections.

19. We command every divination, bewitchment, enchantments, spells and jinxes over the people of Nigeria, to break by fire, in Jesus name.

20. Nigerians everywhere, think correctly and act correctly in this season, in Jesus name.

21. Lord , we ask you to overrule every pyrrhic political victory in Nigeria, in Jesus name.

22. In Jesus name , we frustrate the agenda of wicked men and the cabal who have hijacked and manipulated the 2023 elections against the divine will for Nigeria.

23. In Jesus name , we shut down and cause to collapse any evil altar that has been raised to manipulate and hoodwink Nigerians into accepting this electoral robbery.

24. We decree that this 2023 elections shall be the waterloo of these corrupt and diabolical politicians, in Jesus’ name.

25. Let God in mercy preserve and protect the new revolutionary president He has chosen for Nigeria, but about to be denied his electoral victory in Jesus name.

26. Let this fellow called Peter Obi be delivered from all the evil plots and snares of wicked politicians, and governmental snares, in Jesus name.

27. We petition against suicide bombing, food poisoning or assassination attempts against this real winner of the 2023 presidential election, in Jesus name.

28. We legislate against any organized plane crash or road accident for Mr. Peter Obi, in Jesus name.

29. We pray that Peter Obi will be circumspect and security conscious in his eating and drinking and in all public appearances and journeys from now on, in Jesus name.

30. We petition, in Jesus name, that many key political players will close ranks in the South, East, West, the Middle Belt and the North to support this new political move of God and forget about tribalism, region and religion.

31. Father , compel our judiciary by all means to reverse the present electoral fraud and robbery, in Jesus name.

32. Let not the only Jehovah’s altar (Aso Villa Chapel) among 4 Islamic altars (mosques) at the Villa be shut down, in Jesus name.

33. We declare according to Job 20:5 “The Triumphing and Rejoicing of the wicked Shall Be Short-lived,” in Jesus name.

34. O Lord, comfort Nigerians by disallowing this present day Adonijah from actualising his “It’s my turn declaration” of 1 Kings 1:5.

35. O Lord arise , show mercy and comfort grieving and angry Nigerians everywhere.

36. In Jesus name , we vacate from Peter Obi’s life the affliction of the spirit of failure at the edge of success, the spirit of fruitless hard labour, the spirit of impossibility and the spirit of rejection.

37. Mr. Peter Obi , possess the gates of your enemies in Jesus name.

38. O Lord arise and let no man prevail against you.

39. We command according to Genesis 1:3 “Let there be light in Nigeria”.

40. We pray for victory for the Labour Party gubernatorial candidates in Lagos, Rivers, Kaduna, Abia, Delta & Plateau States amongst others in the forthcoming State Election on March18, 2023.

41. We equally pray for victory for candidates of other political parties who have integrity, who are righteous, have the fear of God with proven track record in Oyo State and the like.

42. We retire old politicians and their likes who have held us down as governors and members of state Houses of Assembly in Jesus Mighty

43. We thank you Lord for honouring your word over our nation and for acting swiftly in judgment. Blessed be your name forever and ever.

Pray other prayers for current national issues as you have observed or are burdened to pray. Pray also for the ongoing political transition process that there be no hijack, and the next leader shall be of God.


I) Pro_29:2 “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice” (a) Lord have mercy on Leah Sharibu and all others abducted and still in the hands of their captors. Please raise political leaders that will set them free. (b) Defend Your children from Jihad in S/Kaduna, Jos and other Christian territories (c.) Have mercy on IDPs and enable them return to their homes.

II) Pray that there will be no violence or bloodshed as a result of these elections, any protests, responses to or fallouts of these elections.

God Almighty bless you abundantly as you travail over our beloved country, to fully establish the new Nigeria.


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