On Sunday 29th November 2020, Lay Faithful Trust Foundation organized a Conference under its Voice of the Persecuted (VOP) program to highlight the travails of Prof. Solomon Tarfa of Du Merci Orphanage, Kano. 

In April 2022, the Lay Faithful Trust Foundation was informed about an outbreak of infection at the Mercy IDP Camp, Zonkwa, Zango Kataf LGA, Southern Kaduna. The infection was due to overcrowding, poor hygienic condition in the Camp, and insufficient basic amenities.

Following our report of consistent genocidal attacks on over 14 Christian villages in Southern Kaduna, Lay Faithful Trust Foundation returned to Tagama IDP camp for another urgent intervention. The population of the IDP camp swelled by the arrival of over 3,000 displaced Christians in February 2022. Before then, the IDP camp hosted over 6,000 displaced persons

Reports reaching us from the field indicate that from 4th November 2021 till 14th February 2022, there have been consistent attacks by Jihadist terrorists on Christian communities in Zango Kataf resulting in the death of 59 persons while 169 houses were destroyed. The communities affected in Samaru Kataf include: Ungwan Ruhugo, Langson, Chibob, Atak Mawai, Sako, Kurfi, Ungwan Wakili, Zaman Dadoh, Kurmin Masara, Kurmin Masara, Atisa, Sabin Laura, Chibuk & Zaman Dado, and so on.

Message to Nigerian Christians
Bosun Emmanuel
3rd January 2022


It is time for Nigerian Christians to arise and pronounce judgment on the evils and wickedness in the land. Christians possess the spiritual authority. God wants to judge the multiple evils in the Church and in the country and requires His people to pray His will to come to pass. The wicked have become too powerful, and they will not change.
The only way to get peace in this land, is through God's judgment.

The annual National Prayer commenced in 2018 as “National Prayer of Repentance,” to intercede for the Church and the nation based on God’s rebuke that Nigeria Christians were praying and fasting without repenting. After the third edition of those prayers, God confronted us with Matthew 3:8, demanding evidence of repentance from the Church. In May 2021, the rebuke was repeated, stressing that the ceremonial repentance of most Nigeria Christians was not acceptable; that ‘repenting’ without the corresponding evidence of a penitent lifestyle was beginning to attract divine judgment.

The cash distribution is restricted by the low response of many Christians to the call to support the persecuted brethren. We appeal to Christians to respond in large numbers to the needs of the Christian IDPs. Whatever is being done now could be considered palliative measures. Our goal is to resettle and empower the Christian brethren in their homes. This, however, would involve the willing support of millions of Nigerian Christians.

 Lay Faithful Trust Foundation conducted relief projects to IDPs in the following IDP camps in Maiduguri, Borno State:

▪️IDP Camp, Polo, Maiduguri
▪️IDP Camp, Shagari Low Cost, Maiduguri

Peace and mercy to you, in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

National Consensus Movement (NCM) is a body of Christian professionals committed to the peace and unity of Nigeria and the well-being of Christians. We are non-denominational, multi-ethnic, and without affiliation to any political party or any political interest group. Our goal is to foster political consensus and unity in the Church as basic prerequisite for good governance, justice, equality, and fairness in Nigeria.