Distribution of 1,000 mattresses to Christian IDPs in BENUE STATE
Fri. 5th & Sat. 6th June, 2020

CSMN continued its relief to Christian IDPs with the distribution of 1,000 mattresses in Benue state on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th June, 2020.
This followed distribution of 300 mattresses at Southern Kaduna and 500 at Taraba state in May.

The distribution in Benue covered the following locations:
• Gbajimba, Guma LGA,
• Daudu IDP Camp, Guma
• Ugba, Logo LGA
• Anyiin, Logo LGA
The mattresses were distributed mainly to pregnant women and nursing mothers with the support of the Benue State CAN Chairman, Rev. Akpen Leva.

The proposed Control of Infectious Diseases Act 2020 meant to update the nation’s laws appropriately and safeguard the lives and well-being of all Nigerians have a number of areas in the Bill that violently infringe on the clear provisions of the Nigerian constitution in the areas of human rights and civil liberties and portend grave dangers to our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Although there are several editorial lapses in the bill, we will like to focus on the two major issues of serious concerns to us. These are (one) several instances of summary abrogation of human rights, dignity and civil liberties; and (two) the issue of mandatory vaccination with the possibility of chip-implants being employed in the areas of vaccine delivery, certification, and surveillance.

25th May, 2020

The Deputy Director/Clerk
Committee on Health Care Services in H102
1st Floor, White House,
House of Representatives Wings,
National Assembly Complex,

Dear Sir,


The Coalition Against Mandatory Vaccination in Nigeria (a.k.a. NoMandatoryVaxNaija Movement) and the Advocates for Freedom and Democracy (AFD) wish to jointly submit the attached Memorandum to the Public Hearing on the Control of Infectious Diseases Bill 2020 (HB 836) scheduled for 10-11 June 2020.

CSMN distributed 500 mattresses in 6 IDP locations in Taraba State on Saturday 30th May, 2020.
The relief distribution was focused on pregnant women and nursing mothers. The following were distributed:

• 317 mattresses for pregnant women
• 177 mattresses for nursing mothers
• 6 mattresses for IDPs in Christ in Me Church.

Here are pictures of the Relief Distribution to Christian IDPs at Kona IDP camp in Jalingo LGA, Taraba state.

The project was executed on Saturday 16th May, 2020 with the support of Taraba State Conservative Movement (TASCOMO).

We thank all the donors who made this relief possible.

God bless you all.

Support Persecuted Christians

Christian Social Movement of Nigeria
Zenith Bank
10 14 13 83 50

The unending cruelty and wanton destruction of lives and property of Southern Kaduna communities continued last night as armed Fulani militia lay siege to Gonan Rogo village, Kajuru Local Government  Area (LGA) killing 17 persons, critically injured 6 and rustled cows.

SOKAPU visited the village today around 12 noon  and saw firsthand the horror inflicted on the poor Adara village, 64 km away from Kaduna metropolis on in the Kaduna - Kachia road.

Christian Social Movement of Nigeria (CSMN) held a Christian political mobilization meeting on Saturday, 23rd May, 2020, under its Directorate of Politics and Governance. The meeting, which was held online, commenced the task of mobilization and harmonization of Christians for effective participation in Government.

While Christians constitute the largest group in Nigeria and is the most enlightened and educated segment, lack of harmonization has often turned them into minority during elections. The missing key in Christian effectiveness in political power play is lack of harmonization. If Christians do not become effective participants in exercise of political power, the instrument of the State shall continually be used to afflict and decimate them.
CSMN, as the socio-political arm of the Church is therefore calling on Christians to come forth and engage politics.


In line with the transparency and accountability policy of CSMN, please use the link above to access the list of donors and expenses under the "Cry of Martyrs" project for the period under review.

We thank all the brethren who donated generously for relief to the Christian IDPs. God bless you.
Since we are unable to reach most of you personally, kindly accept this publication as acknowledgment and appreciation of your gift to our persecuted brethren. May God count it for you as righteousness.


CSMN wishes to thank all the people who donated to the Cry of Martyrs projects to Christian IDPs. We were unable to do any project in the past one month due to the lockdown. Now that the lockdown is gradually being eased, we are returning immediately to the field.
This weekend, we are doing four relief projects in the locations below:

The current fight against the deadly Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) is a global battle that has assumed multi-faceted approach. There are those medical experts and researchers who are exploring the possibility of a preventive vaccine that can be used to safe-guard people from being infected by the virus in the first instance. And there are also those of them who are developing a curative drug that can heal those people already infected. Another set of scientists are sniffing the viral world to ascertain the origin of the disease so as to provide a scientific platform for the development of both preventive and curative drugs and vaccines.

The current prevailing challenge of the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) started in the industrial city of Wuhan China, in the latter part of 2019. Like a child’s play and before long, it blossomed into the mother of all viral diseases and had decimated and continues to decimate human population worldwide. As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on without any prospect of abating or cure in sight, the lives of the masses of the people have been placed on the line, sandwiched between the killer disease and the ravaging poverty in the land.


Christian Social Movement of Nigeria (CSMN) is raising these issues, titled LESSONS FROM COVID-19, in the public domain to sensitize as well as mobilize Nigerians to change a debilitating mindset and build a great country.
Anyone who feels sufficiently persuaded by the issues raised in this paper and wishes to contribute to implementing its recommendations or to fine tune it can send comments and suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Such recommendations should be in bullet points. No essays, please.
Thank you.

"And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me." Psalm 50: 15

Christian Social Movement of Nigeria (CSMN) is inviting Nigerian Christians, both at home and abroad, to join the 24/7 prayers for Nigeria. The current distress demands round the clock intercession for the country.