The questions below were raised by Christian Elders to the National Executive Committee (NEC) of CAN on 28th May, 2018. To date, no one has ventured an answer. As preparations are underway to elect the next President of CAN on 18thJune, 2019, Nigerian Christians should be aware of these questions and Church leaders should take these into consideration as they gather to elect the next President for CAN.

We watched on ARISE, the international media television network, the response of a security expert to the statement above by Chief Obasanjo. The programme was aired in the evening of Tuesday May 21, 2019 in which a so-called Security Expert averred that Obasanjo’s allegation was at best a figment of Chief Obasanjo imagination especially as his claim of Fulanisation was not substantiated.



17th May, 2019


Nigeria’s intellectuals by 1984 began to wonder why the country had been unable to reach its potential.  The most plausible reason was centered on leadership, which is correct to some extent.  However, leadership alone cannot be blamed for some of the issues in Nigeria that lead to violence, cultism and disregard for human dignity.  This reality has led us to the search for other reasons.  The NCEF has come to the conclusion that the irreconcilable conflict of ideologies is responsible for the unpatriotic conduct of some Nigerians. As can be seen from this write-up, the ideologies of Democracy and Sharia are incompatible to the extent that any country practicing both is engaged in an endless tug of war.  This explains the situation Nigeria found herself since independence in 1960.  The NCEF has discussed these issues and came to the conclusion that a country running on two conflicting ideologies make the course of National Unity difficult to attain. Combining the ideologies of Democracy and Sharia is in fact war against our unity. The NCEF, in this write-up has tried to show when and where Nigeria got it wrong and came to the conclusion that brain power always supersedes brawn power.  Applying this principle, the NCEF has argued that Democracy not Sharia is good for a multi-national and multi-religious country like Nigeria as her two-track ideologies produce two-track cultures.     

“When FALSEHOOD is institutionalized, TRUTH looks like REBELLION” – Unknown

The purpose of this communication by the National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) is to present to the Christian Community an abridged Performance Report on the present leadership of CAN under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Samson Olasupo Ayokunle as President, for the period July 2016 to June 2019. As Christians and members of Christian Association of Nigeria, NCEF has the right to assess and comment on the performance of the officials of the Association. NCEF is also using the opportunity to stress that the Mandate given to NCEF by the immediate past President of CAN is to:


Today, the Nigerian nation is embroiled in a myriad of crisis ranging from poverty to insecurity, economic dysfunction, unemployment figures of titanic proportion, broken down public infrastructure and institutions, lethargic sense of nationalism amongst the citizens, basic distrust and suspicion amongst the federating units, terrible international image, and so on and so forth. Nigeria is fast becoming a failed state but it would be unfair to hold Nigerians wholly responsible for the mess that the nation has found itself. A good understanding of the Nigerian chaos would start from the foundation of the nation.

MURIC: Removal of Onnoghen is JIHAD
3rd May, 2019
Prof. Ishaq Akintola


Introduction and Coup of 1975

Ordinarily, the NCEF would have ignored your article titled “MURIC to Christian Elders on Onnoghen, Gowon: your position pedestrian, published by The Eagle online, April 23, 2019, but for two fundamental mistakes (a) that you chose to use former CJN Onnoghen and our respected former Head of State as subjects of attack; and (b) your use of the word “pedestrian”, which the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines as “without any imagination or excitement, dull.” This Rejoinder is unusually long for the purpose of stating the entire facts based upon which we drew our conclusion with respect to jihad – stealth and conventional.  As Elders and, in some cases, “dramatis personae” in many of the actions under review, we want to put the record straight on the question of the coup of July 29, 1975 and jihad in Nigeria. 

I write in reply to your article in The Nation newspaper of Monday, April 15, 2019 captioned What kind of elders? in which you made scathing and false allegations against the National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) with particular focus on General Danjuma and myself.  Suffice to say that you have added a new libelous narrative that General Danjuma was the one who led soldiers to Western Region to effect Aguiyi Ironsi’s trajectory to death.  This is a false narrative of the events of July 1966.  It is dangerous to rely on hearsay evidence of events which took place when you were a boy of about five years. 

The National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) was shocked to read in the news that the President of CAN, Rev. Dr. Samson Olasupo Ayokunle, with some CAN Officials and Christian leaders paid a “congratulatory” visit to President Muhammadu Buhari on his purported victory in the 2019 General Elections. The NCEF wishes to state clearly that such visit is “sub judice” as the determination of who won the 2019 General Election is still in Court. It is therefore premature and presumptuous for anyone to congratulate President Buhari for “winning” an election that is contested in Court.

As Nigeria gained her independence in 1960, it was never in the wildest imagination of our founding fathers that 58 years into the future, some parts of the country would again be re-conquered and colonised. That is exactly what is happening in the Middle Belt, especially Plateau State, where armed herdsmen have attacked and displaced indigenous populations from no less than 54 villages in Jos South, Mangu, Bokkos, Barkin Ladi and other Local Government Areas.


During US NIGERIA LAW GROUP’S election assessment mission in Nigeria, we observed efforts to compromise the elections and raised early warnings and concerns which have now been validated and proven by the resulting self-sabotaged elections.
It is our conclusion that by and large the purported failures and shortcomings detected in the elections were actually contrived and orchestrated to benefit the incumbent ruling party.

  Here is a Brief analogy of Fulani Terrorists herdsmen attacks and killings in Gwer West Local Government Area of Benue State.


 The renewed herdsmen attacks on the peace loving people of Gwer West started on the 21st of January 2019, when the enemies invaded and killed (4) persons in Tse Abe, Tongov in Gwer West LGC.

The National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) has noted another brazen attempt of the President Buhari Administration to establish its undemocratic character and sectional purpose in Government. That President Buhari would conduct what amounts to “judicial coup” is not surprising to the NCEF; what is surprising is the apparent unwillingness of Christians, as well as that of the generality of Nigerians, to understand the core problem of this country.

National Christian Centre
Abuja, Nigeria.
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2nd Annual National Intercession
Week of National Repentance & Warfare Prayers
Monday, 4th February – Sunday 10th, 2019
January 25, 2019.

Dearly beloved,


Greetings to you in the name of Jesus the Man of War.  It is with great awe I come again to you with the present discernment of and response to the sounds in the air, praying that the Lord would continue to find you at His altar “ _for such a time as this_ ” (Esther 4:14).
We have heard not only that the Lord shall mercifully come through for Nigeria but also that grave judgment hangs over the land; and we have also been shown the Philistines furiously sharpening their swords against a Day that they see as very near, “ _because he knoweth that he hath but a short time”_ (Revelation 12:12).   Having been alerted by insistent calls from some watchmen and watchtowers in the nation because of those recurrent ‘sounds’ in the air – those gladdening promises and frightful cautions from above, and having consulted with some of the leaders of intercession in the land, I hereby make the following call to you, that God would remember mercy in the coming judgment; that the heavenly messenger with _“the writer’s inkhorn_ ” might mark the foreheads of all that sigh and cry even as the slaughter starts soon from the sanctuary (Ezekiel 9:4,6).  Not only from the Heavenly voice but also from the present political rumblings in the nation, this call seems most timely, especially also with respect to the national electoral calendar for February 2019.   Thanks to God for the many organized and spontaneous prayer fires around the land. Only yesterday, a revered elder at the gate, the very respected Head of a national and continental prayer move, flew into my city on his own initiative specifically to bring a word to me and two others, the other two being the leader of a global women’s prayer initiative, and another international prophetic teacher.  At his breakfast table earlier in the week, he had had an encounter with God and had received a national message that he had to promptly fly down to deliver to us, at his own costs; a message following on the heels of the earlier prophecy from Dr Cindy Jacobs during a September global conference in Jerusalem, prompting the 2018 nation-wide Independence call to 24-hours of worship to God.  Among other things, his message was that the Lord has entered Nigeria in judgement as a Man of War, and we as His weapons of war should be ready and serviceable (Jeremiah 51:20-22); that Jehovah sees His purpose for Nigeria beyond the ominous ‘2019’ elections. In the same week, Prophet Chuck Pierce from the United States of America, at his own discretion and dates of his choosing as prompted by the Lord, was in the Federal capital city of Abuja in partnership with the respected Apostle Emmanuel Kure of Throneroom (Trust) Ministries, and this was his message in part, that “Nigeria will once again rejoice,” but not before there has been a “plowing up of this land”; a land that “will be plowed and plowed and plowed.” As if to tie the prophecy to what the elder Messenger had brought to the select Three of us in my city, it further stated, “This is your time to plow this land, and I have mobilized the angelic host to plow *with you* .”  The same prophecy described the present moment as “the beginning of seven months of *great conflict* .”   The trumpet has made no uncertain sounds; those who hear may well prepare themselves for the battle as the Lord enters the land to fight His cause.  While we keep shifting the initiative for the nation’s salvation to some vague ‘Church Fathers’ in Nigeria, not once has it been said to me by the same respected leadership of the present Body, that they look up to the intercessory community to save the land, which means you…The Week of National Repentance – and warfare – has been scheduled as follows:

* DATE: Monday, 4th February – Sunday 10th, 2019. * Everyone should fast during the day and find at least an hour to pray before midnight. * Each city centre should meet daily at their designated venues to spend at least an hour of corporate prayers. * On the seventh and final day, the meeting should include children, women and men, each group requesting God’s mercy during the times of ‘conflict,’ as well as urging the Man of War to continue His battle that He has begun in Nigeria – against every Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, Herod, Sisera, Strong Man, etc.  A Passover Communion is recommended to close the day, besides psalms and hymns and scriptures that would feature. * Kindly find attached a guide for the daily meetings, and contact persons in respective states of Nigeria. Below is a programme guide for the Week.  Each centre may however be freely guided by the Spirit of God. _He shall break in pieces mighty men without number, and set others in their stead_ (Job 34:24). You may kindly share this information as severally as you can with your members and with other Christians, and be free to reach any of the undersigned with further matters of interest. May the Lord strengthen your good hands for much more, at “ _such a time as this_ ” (Esther 4:14) in this Week of mercy mingled with blood.  When we have heard the “ _sound_ ” a coming “abundance of rain,” that is when to go up the mountain to pray (1 Kings 18:41-42).  That God says deliverance is nigh makes it much more a time to watch and pray (1 Corinthians 16:9).  It is time to sanctify ourselves when God is about to show up on Sinai (Exodus 19:10-11). Shalom.

Prof Kontein Trinya
Coordinator, The Prayer Desk, Advocates for Freedom and Democracy (AFD),

National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF).*Contacts:
* Mr Iheanyi Uzoma +234(0)803 3380 417 (Intercessors for Nigeria);
* Mr Atei Beredugo +234(0)803 3084 272 (Jubilee & Life Advocates);
* Mr Rotimi Ajibowo +234 (0)803 330 8200 (AFD – Prayer Desk);
*Mrs Esther Ephraim +234(0)802 6209 952 (Wailing Women Worldwide).





The National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) has noted another brazen attempt of the President
Buhari Administration to establish its undemocratic character and sectional purpose in
Government. That President Buhari would conduct what amounts to “judicial coup” is not
surprising to the NCEF; what is surprising is the apparent unwillingness of Christians, as well as
that of the generality of Nigerians, to understand the core problem of this country.


The National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) was inaugurated by the President of CAN on Thursday 15th January, 2015 at the invitation of Christian Social Movement of Nigeria, as an Advisory, Mediatory, Reconciliatory, and Enlightening body of Christians Elders from the six geo-political zones of the country for CAN. The NCEF works within and outside the Church to advocate for Christianity.