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Today, the Nigerian nation is embroiled in a myriad of crisis ranging from poverty to insecurity, economic dysfunction, unemployment figures of titanic proportion, broken down public infrastructure and institutions, lethargic sense of nationalism amongst the citizens, basic distrust and suspicion amongst the federating units, terrible international image, and so on and so forth. Nigeria is fast becoming a failed state but it would be unfair to hold Nigerians wholly responsible for the mess in which the nation has found itself. A good understanding of the Nigerian chaos would start from the foundation of the nation.

This presenter has deliberately changed the title Nigeria any Hope for an Industrial Revolution to There is Hope for an Industrial Revolution in Nigeria to reflect a positive state of mind about Nigeria. However this would depend on the immediate ending of the ideological war – i.e. between Liberal Democracy and Sharia now going on in Nigeria.

1. Introduction The amalgamation of 1914 meant at that time, different things to different people. To the ordinary Nigerian, white rule was preferred to rule by traditional institutions. To the few educated Nigerians and they were very few at the time except in Lagos with a inumber of professionals; they saw amalgamation as opportunity to aspire to the whiteman’s positions. The educated standard six holders looked forward then, to be employed as artisans, clerks, police officers, prison warders etc.